Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Is Reimagined For Era Of COVID-19 | TODAY


Beloved traditions are getting updated on Thanksgiving Day 2020, including Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which has new safety protocols in place along …



  1. I am thankful Donald Trump has been exposed for the corrupt failed businessman, and now failed one-term president that he is! Absolute 100% conspiratorial Nut Job fruitcake crackpot, delusional paranoid blow hard loser! Thank you God! Thank you America.

  2. This is something I have turned on every year for DECADES….but today was a very sad day…and a reality check, WE ALL are in a dark place right now. I couldn't watch this so called parade….BUT the good news is….NEXT YEAR will be a NEW YEAR for us all… chin up !,,,,wear your mask, wash your hands and social distance.

  3. Less businesses less floats and 88% less staff but the economy is booming. Stimulus checks are needed but not that bad so take your time. Spirits are high. We need this parade thats what we need and we got. If NY couldn't do it then that would let us know no one can do it. It meaning get through this covid holiday season. I hope the senate and house are all doing great in the mansions. Thanks Mitch for not spoiling us with another fat check of 1200. People won't ever work again if we got that. You are so in touch with us regular people.

  4. I think they're handling it well, COVID does pose a threat to a lot of people still and it's not worth infecting tons of people just to hold the parade

  5. It’s so unnecessary to have a parade when in New York there are so many homeless, hungry and less fortunate people during a pandemic, and a stupid Macy’s parade is important and no one can even see it in person? Wasn’t even worth wasting a lick of energy on this garbage, there is so much more to worry about then a worthless parade.

  6. ALL Americans need to REVOLT against The Lockdowns! Tar and Feather the Corrupt politicans for TREASON against The Constitution. George Washington and all the Founding fathers would Shoot all TRAITORS.

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  8. Thank you Macy’s , We Believe, Like You!
    On this day, Thanksgiving, we are suppose to give thanks. What are all the complaints about? Let’s be a little grateful, that Macy’s didn’t just cancel the Macy’s Day Parade.
    This may not be their regular parade, but at least they made an effort. Grownup and appreciate their effort.

    Carolyn M Scotti


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