Lord Heseltine: 'I cannot believe my country has done this'


The former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister says he is aghast at the road Britain has taken on Brexit – and the role of Dominic Cummings. He said Brexit …



  1. I was a motor mechanic–in my day, but time has left me out of touch with modern technology. This old politician, like myself, is out of touch with reality. The BBC is also out of touch with reality. This poor interview shows it!

  2. The ‘hidden evil’ is NOT having controls at our boarders. By the way Mr Heseltine, It is not your Country, it belongs to all LEGAL citizens, those individuals democratically VOTED to leave the undemocratic EU.

  3. For somebody watching from Europe, listening to Lord Heseltine is quite refreshing. Unlike the morons in power in the UK (Johnson, Gove, Rees-Moog and the other back bencher idiots like IDS, Raab etc), he actually knows what he is talking about. And he knows, that the EU is about much more than economics and trade. Quite sad to see a country like the UK disappearing from the global stage to complete insignificance. Anyway, life goes on. At least in Europe

  4. I stopped watching half-way through. I agree with him that this government hasn't convinced me that it's preparing for 01/01/20 properly (and they might do so better if they stopped negotiating with the EU), because he's still arguing against voting to leave the EU, despite the fact the referendum took place 23/06/16, and using the same arguments. Waste of airtime.

  5. He’s just pissed off his EU farmer subsidies will come to an end soon. We can’t believe our past governments signed the UK into this corrupt EU mess in the first place!!

  6. He's just one more of the Washed up Sulks of British Politics. A drooling doddery man never able to come to terms with his downfall, now in the last year or so of his life knowing his legacy will be on a par with the worst of the worst in British politics. What an ending !

  7. Brexit should have never been put to the public vote… it is utterly ridiculous that the aggregate should decide such an important economic decision. Parliament are put in power to decide these very things with arguably the brightest minds in economic theory… globally a complete embarrassment. What has happened to the United kingdom?

  8. Why do people think that trade will stop without a deal? The Eurozone Banks have been given access to the London Clearing Houses for the next 18 months, after which it will be extended again and that is a deal that makes the UK more than £1billion a year. If we have to do things piecemeal then that is what we will do. Life will go on pretty much as normal and that, above all, is what the EU fear most.

  9. Another out of touch elite prat who is well past his sell by date, House of Lords should not get involved and be abolished in all of its entirety!
    It doesn’t serve the people!
    The only Lord is Jesus!!!

  10. Covid 19! To seal a deal! Yet another smokescreen! If it’s not health and education all of the time it’s Scottish Devolution, meanwhile legislators legislate behind the backs of the electorate without consent, the Government and the Monarchy are now redundant by the law that precedes all laws, and that is COMMON LAW!
    Pandemic Fraud is but one offence of many whereby writs have now been issued to all MP’s within Parliament, please see the above link for more information.

  11. He would do. Like many of his peers voted into parliament thought they were given a mandate to do what they wanted not what the people wanted and lied as well as signed into EU agreements without consulting those they represented. Heath, Major, Blair, Brown all deceived the people, who voted them in good Faith to represent our best interests, but instead only looked what was best for them not the country and the benefits the gravy train provided.

  12. In his opinion he has always been against Brexit . Still doesn’t get how fed up the silent majority are with people like him.
    I think he has missed the important point and he continues to do so . The EU are being very very awkward , do they want 39 billion from us or not .
    The world goes on Mr remoaner Heseltine . The world just didn’t start when EU was formed .
    People are fed up with useless lazy politicans giving power to Brussels . Now I see Brussels is threatening to remove eu funding from any member states that Vito there 1.8 trillion bailout package to stop banks like Deutsche bank going bust .
    It’s not because we are leaving the EU that the world economy is shagged . It’s because they print money and increase the debt till kingdom come long before we voted for Brexit .
    Buy gold .


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