Liverpool v. Tottenham | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 10/27/19 | NBC Sports


Harry Kane gave Spurs a stunning lead in the opening minute at Anfield, but Liverpool roared back to earn a 2-1 victory behind goals from Jordan Henderson …



  1. That was not a penalty… if anything, it was Mane who committed the foul because it was in Spurs possession, and he put his foot in between, didn't even touch the ball!?? How was that not clear as day. VAR????

  2. I love you guys you did Great thank you for playing good like Liverpool we will play better the more we play keep your Faith up and we will win the world god bless i love you Liverpool .
    Mo salah you did great well all of the team playd how you like it moe. let's go Liverpool we ready to smash. You will never walk alone.

  3. Sadio Mane is a genius for getting that penalty on Aurier. Pure Genius this is what makes him such a great footballer it isn’t always about skill but the mind in football !!


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