Liverpool fans flock to Anfield to celebrate Premier League title – BBC News


Jubilant Liverpool FC fans descended on the streets outside Anfield and in the city centre in their thousands to celebrate winning the Premier League.



  1. what kind of clowns are they..people die over corona and what's worse people working on the front line…..pathetic disgusting no class morons… is more important… give me a break…

  2. Thousands of Liverpool fans gather to celebrate winning title BBC say its bad. Thousands of people gather to protest for BLM Marxist movement, (and riot), BBC say its good.

  3. What's the issue … mobs have been marching through cities for the last few weeks and nothing has been done or said about it … Liverpool fans celebrate and it's terrible … Corona Corona Corona … just shows how hypocritical the media and others have become … guess what Covid-19 does not discriminate mob marches, fans celebrating … it's all the same to Covid … so nothing to see here

  4. Nice to see all your Asian fans celebrating, nice one trying to burn down the liver building cos of the blue lighting on it,and you have the cheek to call us evertonians bitter,..well heres a bit of class for you….congratulations liverpool, well deserved

  5. Imran Khan, Pakistan Prime minister refused to call Bin
    Laden as a terrorist. Instead he praised, Bin Laden in the parliament meeting as
    a sacrifice.

    It’s clear that Pakistan is a paradise of terrorists. How he
    can ignore 2,606 brothers and sisters died at world trade center attack and
    gave shelter to this terrorist.

    All these years America supplied weapons and funds to fight against
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  6. First we got the idiots on the BLM marches, then the idiots going to The beaches in Bournemouth and now we get the idiots in Liverpool all of which did not give a shit about the health of anyone around them…. well maybe they will give a shite when they are lying in a hospital bed struggling to breaths on a ventilator or when they’re grans or older family members catch COVID-19 because of their stupidity…

    Well I just hope they can live with themselves,


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