List of Celebrities Who Died In APRIL 2018 | Latest Celebrity News 2018 (Celebrity Breaking News)


Celebrity News Today Presents: List of Celebrities Who Died In APRIL 2018 | Latest Celebrity News 2018 (Celebrity Breaking News) List of Celebrities Who …



  1. I'm sorry for the loss of these celebrities are dead now Vern Troyer and r. L. Ermey I sadly do miss but you and anyone of us can't stop death even my own dad passed away 2 years back this November 08th Election Day but last minute voted for our current billionaire president Donald trump cool huh and thanks for the condolences, sympathy, compassionate compassion, and empathy since he's gone forever forevermore I miss himself everyday but life is life live it without complaining or complex circumstances and complications of any type whatsoever it's that possible and simple as that guaranteed I'm sure you'll lose loved ones time to time but remember God and Jesus Christ are with us everyday and in the storms of life we face everyday daily lives move on whenever a loved ones passed on we will not never nevertheless forget themselves ever thanks again and peace and blessings to you all always.

  2. Celebrity News Today: I think your videos are so respectfully presented w/great shots of the people you're memorializing as well as pertinent information about them. I think the music is exceptionally appropriate. It's absolutely beautiful, actually. It cannot be easy to choose the pieces to suit everyone's taste. This music provokes in us our own sense of mortality as we watch the passing of these noted people. (Some who have died w/o me even knowing). It's must take a lot of work. Thank you for thinking of these people and producing these videos so the viewers can see who is no longer with us on Earth. 🙂

  3. I got enough pretty quickly of this dudette's BS. Apparently in his eyes the only celebrities are entertainers, be it film or sports. So, according to he/she/it the only important ppl in our society are ppl too dumb to put their asses over a commode when their bowels void?


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