Lionel Messi LEAVES Barcelona! Are Barca calling LaLiga's bluff? | ESPN FC


ESPN FC Barcelona correspondent Sam Marsden talks about the bombshell news that Lionel Messi ‘will not continue’ at Barcelona. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN+: …



  1. If I remember correctly, Messi wanted to leave last year. They wouldn't let him. Now that he was let go, he is crying….give me a break. You got what you wanted!! So man up little guy!!

  2. Why people keep saying only 2 teams can afford him its actually 4 teams that can easily afford messi Manchester city, PSG, Chelsea and Manchester united these clubs got crazy money and let not mention those Chinese league clubs aswel

  3. A bluff? Lol ESPN is obviously desperate to not let go of Messi because they have the rights now to stream La Liga games. If Messi comes to Paris guess who the real winner is in all of this…BEIN Sports. Its almost as if they saw this coming lol

  4. There are people who are defending Laporta for what he has done, I mean come on.Laporta is equally to be blamed as Bartomeu for having this happened. Laporta sell Messi for his election campaign and now he comes with this that he didn't expect that La liga wouldn't agree. He should've expected this, rules are rules, he should've taken this into account, isn't that the reason he's president?And for those saying No one is bigger than the club, I know but Messi is not nobody he's Leo Messi tje greatest ever, and the greatest player in history of Barcelona. Weren't you the guys who were saying few months ago "Football owes Messi a world cup"?Laporta player with the emotions of billions, he knew it all the way that it won't be easy to register Messi but he kept selling lies that everything's going well. It's not just about emotions. Think about it.


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