LeBron James calls possible final game in NBA with Dwyane Wade ‘bittersweet’ | NBA Sound


LeBron James explains the Los Angeles Lakers’ mentality after their 111-88 win vs. the Memphis Grizzlies. James says the Lakers put their 4th quarter collapse …



  1. Lebron doesnt talk shit or sneak diss to the media about other people or teams. So people take that as he's best friends with everybody in the league. Whats wrong with just worrying about yourself and your team. He's close with like 3-4 guys out of the whole league and now he's too "Buddy Buddy"

  2. Lol, he really hates the first reporter because when the second one starts asking questions he’s smiling and chill and then the first one talks again and he goes back to being grumpy

  3. I wouldn't be able to answer questions after every game if I was in the NBA. At one point I would just cut the interviewers off. It's not mandatory to do interviews is it because if it is then that's stupid.


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