LATEST F1 NEWS: Pierre Gasly, Racing Point, Williams, Renault and Alpine, Haas


Our latest Formula 1 2020 news updates as part of our rolling coverage. – No way back for Gasly – Racing Point case closed – Renault will become Alpine …



  1. Renault should be on the move and target Gasly to be their mean man for this decade. Ocon is not the answer and I think he is major overrated. Renault need a mean racer to compete the upcoming decades. Let Gasly learn from Alonso and take over in a year or two

  2. RB Junior Racing Team "Great to get an F1 seat. Horrid for your Career."
    Good ones that stayed in the program but lost their chances: Buemi, Vergne.
    The Ones that SMARTENED UP by leaving before being played still have promising careers: RIC and SAI.
    So use RB to get there, LEAVE ASAP once you're there…

  3. Pèrez will be driving for Hass next year, too good of a opportunity to turn down, he's a better driver, faster driver with good tyre management, plus he has millions to bring with him, he's always had money behind him and Hass could do a lot with some extra cash coming in.

  4. If I was Gasly I wouldn't even want to go back to Redbull, he should just drive the wheels of the car he has and keep on putting his replacement to shame, he will end up in one of the top 2 teams within 2 – 3 years if he keeps on driving it like he stole it.

  5. Horner,Helmut and such a Adament redbull.
    They never accept their fact and always proceed with the way they liked which is a mistake..
    Redbull is a max ver configured car.
    Btter run redbull with max alone.

  6. Alpine –> Renault is tired of having their brand embarrassingly soiled by losses … easier fix would be to rid themselves of Cyril; must be a French solution?

    Haas –> Fire Romain and Kevin and replace them with Nicko and Sergio

    Daniel at Red Bull –> Hell no; that place destroys the number two driver in the span of a season

    Bottas leg issue –> He should stop bicycling and do Calisthenics and Yoga … also load up on electrolytes; doesn't he have a physiotherapist?

  7. They are hung up on Albon for some reason. They seem determined to get it wrong with him. And can we get a new paint scheme for racing point please? I think that the whole pink thing has run it’s course.

  8. Williams is tired of the facade. The oligarchy has ruined it along with all sports which are used now for political propaganda and social engineering. One day the populace will wake and eliminate their masters.


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