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  1. The Japanese are always in and out, if they can't dominate, which they can't with European innovation, they run away. Look what happened with Braun in 2009, the last time they chickened out. They throw money and still can't make it.

  2. Too expensive. Too complicated. These power units will never go into everyday cars, their future is electric. Go back to a standard v8 3 litre petrol engine, no fancy gizmo's. simples.

  3. Honda, like everyone else, want to win on Sunday and sell on Monday, and that’s not gonna happen in Europe, so they will stay doing their business in the indi series.
    Now personally, I think VW should enter the F1 scene and make RB and many others happy.

  4. The problem was because mgu-h that are expensive,unreliable and hard to built. the mgu-h motor are AC and mgu-k motor are DC and battery have to be DC. any conversion from AC to DC and DC to AC have power loss and thats not just a problem the bearing has to be strong and have a good cooling

  5. F1 is largely irrelevant.There isn’t much real racing. While the focus is on “spectacle”, it’s mostly an engineering exercise with the one or two teams with the funding controlling. There really is no rational reason for the overwhelming majority of sponsors to participate.

    If the long term, F1 is to continue, it needs to completely revamp itself.

  6. The target for going full EV is 2030 not twenty years later. The money Honda saves by dumping F1 really won’t make any difference.
    Tesla has a 5 to 10 years lead over the legacy car industry. Nobody else comes close. Nobody else makes their own batteries.

  7. They're still going to be in Indycar for years so them wanting to focus on clean energy is kinda bs imo. It all comes down to money and what you get from spending that money. They were the only PU supplier that didn't have a works team so that should tell you how committed Honda really was.


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