LATEST F1 NEWS | Belgian Grand Prix wash-out, Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas, George Russell, and more.


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  1. Shows.
    Too many corporate chiefs.
    Too much stupid Bull shit in F1.
    After 70 yrs ???? Still cannot get it right.
    Show how stupid F1 has got, is Red Bull going to sue Belgium & God because of crash of Sergio due to rain.

  2. Tired of this Bottas/Russell rubbish. They will never ever let a driver talent like Russell drive next to Lewis, ever. Mark my words, Bottas has signed on the dotted line or, they are still working out his contract terms as to whether it be for another year or two.

  3. If those people don't get their money back they won't want to book again just in case this happens (which is likely in Spa) as I wouldn't, so F1 would screw themselves for future bookings at Spa or even other tracks.


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