LATEST F1 NEWS: Alex Zanardi, Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari, Renault


Our latest Formula 1 2020 news updates as part of our rolling coverage. – Zanardi Faces New Battle – Hamilton Develops Commission – AlphaTauri To Imola …



  1. BlM matter hey Hamilton hey.. BS your salary and Ego is all that matters to you so stop acting like your a hero,your not…Only thing that matters to me is the Lottery Numbers not black people so go fluck Muppet

  2. Someone is trashing my favorite sport. I hope that the FIA finaly stops changing all the rules and other stuff. The more rules, the less interest in the sport.

  3. Why would the Ferrari team fly to the Austrian Grand Prix when they are just there? All the Iveco trucks need to do is drive north~northeast, cross the Alps and there is Austria! It takes 6 hours using tollways.

  4. so hamilton making a new business, Is that because black kids in 1st world countries don't have same opportunities as white???? What a fucking divisive thing to do!!!

  5. That’s so shit Alex, I meet you once at the Australian GP in 1999 . You told the security guards to piss off so we could get a autograph from you , I’ll never forget what you did for us the fans. Love ya.

  6. "When I look back 20 years, I want to see the sport that gave a shy, working-class black kid from Stevenage so much opportunity, become as diverse as the complex and multicultural world we live in."
    -Lewis Hamilton, 2020

  7. Alex Zanardi is my favorite driver ever. It's terribly sad to hear this news. He's shown how powerful his spirit to live is before. I hope he's able to pull through again.

  8. I love how Pierre Gasly is also so excited and happy just to be in Formula 1 and having fun. In every interview and team function, just the good vibes and energy.


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