Large demonstrations across country anchor weekend of protests | USA TODAY


Large scale black lives matter demonstrations continue Sunday across the country. Concrete change to how police and law enforcement authorities are able to …



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  2. Just thinking about hostile human demonstrations, why you ask, something must be done, so here goes. If these folks use government roads and sidewalks they must do the following before approved. Anyone with an IQ lower than 75 must pass a government brain test. That should eliminate the Looters, arsonists, and combative “Thugs” from doing any harm whatsoever. If President Trump can do this by decree, and he does work for me, then I should be able to invoke Citizen moral guidelines as well. Please pass this on to the Washington “Brain Trust”. Automatic peace, you gotta love it. Amen

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  6. Those people who smashed statues and smashed shops. Deprive of their American citizenship. And send them to your historical homeland! There they will live with their nationality.

  7. Media: CNN, MSNBC, BBC, USA TODAY play the role of communist leaders liberating America from the police, capitalism and President Trump. They are engaged in madness propaganda of Antifa terrorism against the Americans, racism, a bloody war for the power of democrats, Obaymayben Laden.

    Media advocacy is making outstanding strides. Hundreds of policemen and ordinary people were killed or injured. Battered a lot of small businesses. Cars and buildings burned.

    Menu: Sensations – a lie about Trump. Trump is credited with all the sabotage of the US economy done by the Democrats.

    The media feeds us with a “peaceful demonstration,” which robs stores and kills people with the hands of Antif and other terrorist organizations. The requirements are "transferring control of the city districts to Peaceful Terrorists" allegedly under the US Constitution. Indeed, there are peaceful demonstrators who are mixed with Antifa.

    Lenin promised to abolish the police – the Democrats began.

    If they keep the police? You need to drive a van with ice cream, an orchestra, girls and a massage parlor. To serve thieves, thugs, especially for the peaceful black life matter terrorists, repeat criminals like George Floyd.

    In the written history, only Jews in Jewish Ashkenazi settlements in Eurasia lived without police under the guidance of the Rabbis. Although there, quite often, petty thefts were committed every 200 years.

    When salvation is for blacks and whites in one: the work that President Trump provided. In abundance and a healthy lifestyle. Churches, Synagogues, a school for children of choice and without trade unions and so on.

  8. ok, we have a two problem
    1. Racism is still a problem, no matter what we say to ourselves, it is a global problem and it is not only white toward black, but black towers white, and the same goes for all races. democracy does not solve the problem, it just masked it

    2. The law enforcers (police, president and people in government) think they are above the law and abuse their power. If you ask me, these people should be punished worse than ordinary people for breaking the law, because they are supposed to show us how to obey the law

    this 2 problem should be stop
    (that's just my opinion

  9. If the cops can't defend themselves it's game over. They need to go home and let the politicians deal with the rioter's. Let the animals burn the city down and NEVER rebuild it, leave it in ruin's.

  10. It must be hard to use that facial rcognition software in china right now, Perfect time for them to make basketball shoes………….or Revolt against the slave masters That love to sport those Jordans. Fuk it up Kenny !


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