Knife Crime Crisis – Sadiq Khan: 'The causes are complex'


The Mayor of London has urged the Prime Minister to put 10000 police officers back on the streets to help deal with the knife crime crisis. Officer numbers in the …



  1. The knife crime epidemic in London is totally horrific. The massive cuts to our officers as well as lack of intervention from schools, youth support groups, social workers not to mention incompetent parenting, poverty, social detachment, dugs, gang orientated drill music, black urban London culture have all contributed to this. This gimp of a mayor is useless, we need to put the military on the streets and eradicate these evil scumbags like we did to isis

  2. This is now being classed as a national crisis, it's not it's an English crisis the stats speak for themselves, I don't know why Westminster is not looking at the way knife crime was addressed in Scotland

  3. Why are the parents of these Young people not taking any responsibility, surely they must know about their children's peer groups, beliefs and associations! Why don't parents start monitoring their off springs, if I were a parent, I am sure I would be more involved in my child's life, not one commentator has mentioned parenting, stop just blaming government and everyone else, the parents need to take ownership!

  4. Legalise drugs that then takes away the need for trouble between rival gangs wake up to fact that many foreign nationals Turks Asian Russian are running the underworld in many major uk cities, lastly bring back the community police, not a PSO interaction not intimidation

  5. PERMANENT DEPORTATION of all followers of peace .
     Permanently close England`s borders to all islamic countries
    Permanently ban sharia BULLSHIT law
    Permanently ban islam
    Permanently ban building new mosques
    Permanently ban musilm only areas
    Tommy Robinson for Prime Minister
    sadiq khan should be PERMANENTLY DEPORTED to pakistan


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