Johnson denies lying to the Queen over Parliament suspension – BBC News


Boris Johnson has denied lying to the Queen over the advice he gave her over the five-week suspension of Parliament. The prime minister was speaking after …



  1. Don't make me laugh a tory and ship building. Oh hang on……….the unions don't like change causing the collapse of British industry from within. Heaven forbid they modernised and remained competitive with other countries.

  2. Reporter: Did you lie to the Queen?
    Boris: No… shipbuilding, education, health, housing, tech, space-program, environment!!
    Reporter: I'm going to politely play along with that diversion, even though American reporters legitimized, and further empowered, the (other) most dangerous idiot on the planet, by engaging in precisely the same well-mannered, deferential, FAILURE OF JOURNALISM that I am.
    Wake up, Britain. Your house is on fire.

  3. As for shipbuilding we design ships in this country and other countries build them if we had shipbuilding like Harland and Wolf we could not subsidise and save them as EU regs say you cannot,
    Just watch our steel industry go the same way that is only one reason we should leave
    As for been a liar there is over 600 in Parliament who said we would leave the EU with or without a deal so take your choice now that is a big lie.

  4. Under the human rights legislation, capital punishment is banned in the UK so we can't hang Boris for treason, or draw him or quarter him neither can the Queen! Until the 31s of October. See you all at Tyburn for the big show.

  5. When he said they were ready to leave without a deal on the 31st, the journalist should have asked him about the fact that he HAS TO ask for an extension if he cannot reach a deal. At least until January 31st. And if the European leaders give a different date, he has to accept it. Parliament made sure of that in the last week. Ignoring that part and letting the PM get away with ignoring reality is malpractice on the part of the journalist.

  6. Just let Scotland get on with playing out the equalities act an' the rest of us can has sex and talk. Problem with those Judges is that they've got a really strong opinion on what my ball sack should do for me and a will to inhabit my boot print.

  7. He's a fraud. His only interest is winning an election even if it means lying to the queen.
    Bretards obviously think this is OK. The 5 week suspension achieves zero except to give UK's pollies an extra holiday.

    BJ outfoxed at every turn. Why does he not force EU residents in UK to wear blue stars stitched onto their jackets so they can be identified?
    So far no guarantee of security, after 20 years my doctor friend is leaving because he does not feel welcome. He pays a lot of tax and is anglicised in every way, he lived life there.

    Stupid BoJo, UK's loss. All the unemployed Brits can pick asparagus for £8 an hour because the EU workers are also going.

    Britain is viewed here in France as racist, petty minded and full of ignorants. Plese do not come here on holidays, ever. Whatever happens. You will get similar treatment, see how you enjoy it. Pity for remainers but only they are welcome.

    You can't write this kind of utter bullshit. His brain is fried by coke. Incredible he has come up with nothing in terms of negotiating a deal, he hasn't a clue. The EU has lost interest understandably.

  8. What is this, Minority Report? How can something that hasn't happened yet be judged in a court to be unlawful? The Scottish judgement was that Johnson lied to the Queen about his reason for proroguing parliament, which was – allegedly – to explicitly leave without a deal. Britain hasn't left the EU, let alone with no deal, so no evidence of deceipt exists or CAN exist yet, as no confirming action has been taken to prove the alleged lie was made. How many times has Johnson re-iterated that leaving with no deal is still a possibility? Even before approaching the Queen he was saying this. This is not a lie, it's being realistic. How is realistically covering all bases, in any way shape or form, lying to the Queen?

  9. The twelve areas of 'no-deal Brexit' risk are:

    Transport systems
    People crossing borders
    Key goods crossing borders
    Healthcare services
    UK energy and other critical systems
    UK food and water supplies
    UK Nationals in the EU
    Law enforcement implications
    Banking and finance industry services
    Brexit and the Irish border
    Specific risks to overseas territories and Crown dependencies (including the effect of Brexit on Gibraltar)
    National Security

  10. Well the Queen will get her chance to make her feelings on the mater, clear by way of a speech. Where she can get behind Boris and tell these treasonous MP's to get their act together and deliver Brexit.

  11. Canada buying British built ships? Huh? Maybe a few leaky subs, bought by the dumb ass Tories a decade or two ago and more recently an agreement to buy frigates designed by BAE of Britain, a good decision by the Grits. So, there you have it. Conservatives have, are now and always will be useless fuck wads. 🙂 Enjoy your day!


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