John Stamos Hopes to Make People "Smile" Amid Lori Loughlin's Scandal | E! News


The “Full House” actor shares an adorable video of his 11-month-old son, Billy and his fellow costars comment on his post. Check it out! #JohnStamos #ENews …



  1. These people are sick. So Lori is married to Massimo (Fashion) and those Olsen Twins didn't comeback to Fuller House. One of the girls is married to someone in the fashion world (child trafficking/Pedophile) I think. Really weird stuff. Why nail Aunt Becky? It's like going after Steve Erkel. More distraction

  2. What did you expect? The rich will always try and provide for their offspring. This doesn't address the Affirmative Action issue that will slowly turn our country into Brazil 2.0 because our government, corporations and universities hire on race and not on merit.

  3. You gotta wonder if these other uppity proud Christians, like Candace DJ Cameron, or other Hallmark Channel's actors have ever thought about using their money for this kind of thing if they haven't tried so already. Also, I thought Christians are forgiving to their own? Or is that something condescending Christians love to fake about themselves?

  4. As much as I am disgusted about this scandal. I have also noticed Lori Laughlin and her daughters are the ones losing everything, but her husband has a clothing line with Target, but Target has not commented if they are terminating their connection with her husband. So what only the women should be bashed?

  5. Go way John. And start saving money for his college because apparently you people don’t have enough when it’s time to pay tuition. What do you guys do with all your money my God

  6. So what else is new in this hypocritical society? White people have been crying for years because the playing field suddenly leveled out and their kids actually had to study and complete. They've been crying about "unfair" admissions in college and universities for years, particularly toward Asian kids. So is this any surprise for a morally bankrupt element of our society? Look at the lying creep that occupies the White House.

  7. Stop supporting main stream media and they won't be rich. It's our own money they snub us with. Cheating is everywhere, were there ever morals in this country?

  8. IN 18 YEARS … "AUNT BECKY" can "help" Billy with a "gift" from MESSYMO. (her fraud husband) Perhaps Billy can sign up to play QB at USC. When/if Billy getsa girlfriend… Aunt Beckys daughter, Olivia Jade who will be 40 then, can give the girlfriend a "tutorial" on how to be a spoiled 'INFLUENCER" I would have respected John Stamos if he addressed Lori Loughlins GR$$D. But he didn't. (Baby giggle giggle laugh laugh)


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