Jim Acosta tears into debunked Fox News 'nothingburger'


Fox News issued a correction after its anchors claimed that President Joe Biden is trying to require Americans to sharply reduce their consumption of red meat.



  1. Jim Acosta is a prime example of why I fully support abortion…..for Liberals. In the ninth month, his mom squatted over the toilet, and crapped out this communist lunatic.

  2. You are allowed to say "bullshit" on CNN at 1:55 isn't this a family program? I'm sure not allowing picnics and bbqs will reduce burger and steak sales though probably sell less potato and word salad too.

  3. This is absolutely a part of the climate change agenda and Acosta knows it. Every day they talk about reducing methane and blame raising animals as one of the culprits. The EU is already pushing reducing meat consumption and the WEF is now pushing "meal worms" to replace meat in the diet. Bill Gates has also weighed in and said we have to stop eating so much meat. Democrats are all control freaks now and Acosta is their boot-licking shill.

  4. I'm baffled at how Fox news continues to air all the disinformation and not be held accountable. They are purposefully spreading lies to people who are blindly following them. This is dangerous.

  5. That’s why so many people are ripe for the AntiChrist to move into place.Anyone who will follow and literally worship someone who lies as a lifestyle will follow anyone or anything.


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