James Charles' DRASTIC Transformation One Year After Tati Westbrook Scandal!


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  1. Yall must be spying on me cus I legit just finished watching James 40 min video exposing tati for the first ever time then I see this in my recommendation… Coincidence? I think not!!

  2. I didn’t like James before. I used to find him absolutely obnoxious, however, with watching this I do see the change. I noticed bits of it before but this video showed it all to me. He has come a long way in comparison to last year and though I didn’t like him before, it’s always amazing to see the growth in someone. He seems to be a better person than how he was. Not sure if I’ll start watching his content like that but, this is a step towards it.

  3. Tati Westwood claimed that James Charles was a predator and danger it society which James Charles was not – all because James Charles promoted Vitamins and Tati Westwood had her own Vitamins so Tati Westwood didn't want competition…

  4. I’ll admit that I fell for Tati and Jeffree’s story and I’m sorry I did but I see now the whole situation was just complete selfishness and bullshit from those two. Tati threw him her the bus because he promoted her competitor and Jeffree drove the bus because probably he didn’t like that James was surpassing him as top beauty youtuber. I’m glad James is in a better place now and I hope he continues.

  5. Why you guys being such a kiss ass?
    This whole thing couldn't have happened if he was completely innocent.
    There was definite contribution from either sides.
    Clevver News needs to step up their news reporting. Stop being so white-washed and trying too hard to promote problematic influencers.


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