'It disgusts me': Georgia lieutenant governor on Trump's attacks


President Trump has repeatedly and falsely attacked Georgia election officials, including the secretary of state whom he called an “enemy of the people” and …



  1. Why do Jake Tapper and the other liars at CNN keep telling people that
    Joe Biden is the President-Elect? He did not and will not win the
    election, and he did not win any of these states: PA, MI, GA, AZ, WI or
    NV. Stop lying to the American people, You all are worse than the
    actual election fraudsters.

  2. They do not even understand that trump only sees them as a means to an end. He is a businessman and his supporters are his customers. The second they do not financially benefit him he will treat them like trash. He only cares about the rich!!!! Stop donating money to the Trump foundation and campaign and watch how fast things will change!

  3. Plenty of evidence indicating high possibility of fraud which is enough for all news networks to want to investigate if are actually acting on behalf of the public.
    If you just focus on logically disapproving this then people wouldn't think your news organisation is a hack circus.
    Be better CNN, antifa has more legitimacy than you at the moment

  4. Why should Republicans worry about Georgia so much after winning South Carolina, Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Lousiana and Mississippi when some of the more independent voters in that state are often GOP leaning over their distrust for those with out of state help?

  5. Trump was an experiment. All his devoted cling on with their “promise’s made and kept slogans” are up with the fairy’s. He threw you peanuts and played you all like a fine fiddle. Never mind about bent election he sent his own out to suss out what people had high on their lists of expectations. What did they take back to him ? That you are all stupid ! You think more about carrying guns than the life of a human being ! So he gave you the nod, you trebled the arms you carry and say it’s for protection. Then he gave the police the nod and said he would protect them. So police the ones that are rotten to the core, are now death on wheels. He nurtured hate that many of you have carried and passed down for decades. You are all the Spit from his mouth. But when he’s gone he won’t give one of you a second thought. He’s already kicked most of you back to the gutter cause if you’re no good to him that’s where he thinks you all belong.

  6. CNN is really a propaganda network…a kind of cult with its viewers too it seems..crazy comments there.. ^^ PS; that Geoff Duncan is really a * (especially after the last audits, the hundreds of witnesses, the ballots video etc)… you bet they don't want to hear about the frauds problems, even less do something against it..all in the same bag..totally corrupted state it seems.. O_o ^^

  7. so Trump directly attacks and puts his colleagues and him in direct danger from an angry, gun-toting mob… and he continues to talk about how he supported Trump and how it's unfortunate that he didn't win? Trump makes Keith Reniere look like a lightweight

  8. Some of these supporters are going to fall sick from the virus… what’s wrong with them? How does it not get into their heads the numbers already infected increasing by the day and those that are dead from it?


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