Is Mercedes now on the back foot?


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  1. here we go … Red-Bull is dominant after one race?!!.. Let's be fair…. this is a chess game and multiple moves are needed to win. we can at least conclude that Merc has outplayed RedB just in tire strategy… The fact that Bottas was right behind Max…. gave them a team play… in any case… it should be an interesting season…

  2. Hamilton ruined F1 with his blm nonsense.
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    Hugo Boss SS anyone? Lewis? No I thought not – god damn hypocrite.

  3. Total bullshit as usual. Everyone knows the nazis own and run F1.
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  4. ya.. Back foot to who? Red Bull keeps shooting itself in the foot and Mercedes keeps on winning. Red Bull might have a competitive car but crap like last weekend will win them nothing..

  5. As i said in many places,i think this season will see different pecking orders on qualifying and race,at least the first half of the season

    Most People are always experts,but they are honestly ignorant
    No one dares to mention the hugely important engine mode freeze from Monza 2020 onwoards
    That meant HP is not that important now,but Energy recovery and Capacity ,and also efficiency and reliability.
    So my prediction is that Honda actually alongside Mercedes focused on that,but what Merc have is that Reliability and Efficiency. So heres the scenario.

    Qualifying teams make their "high" engine mode that they will do their Q3 laps and also that will be their push Engine mode in race,they cant rly change that with the Engine modes rules.

    So we may see in Round 10-15 Ferrari or Mclaren pushing for Poles.While in the race Merc as a manufacturer and Red Bull with Honda they will kill it and do that 20-30 sec gap.Thats my issue,so 2022 will come and we wont see a huge difference there if the teams dont really check themselves,we can see another 3 years of Mercedes dominance…What then?Maybe okay some of this isnt as drastic as i say it,but i think thats the case here,i rly hope that when Ferrari and Mclaren close the gap ,they actually close it on race day too.And that the engine modes dont screw the sport till 2025

  6. Let's presume Hamilton and Max are on par as drivers, but undoubtedly Red Bull /Honda was proven to be faster. Hamilton would not have won the race if Max had not " given " it to him. By right, Max should have been the winner.

  7. Mercedes lost of steering device really hurt Mercedes ! Red Bull is way ahead in handiling!engine I ain’t sure ! But it’s good enough to put the car ahead of Mercedes since the car it self is so good

  8. I used to be a fan of Mercedes till the start of the season ! But this ? Sorry , this is not racing ! And then there is still the darn lane issue ! Even tho racer were warned to keep their lane ! But old habit of blocking die hard! this rule is even more important this year given the car are .000x whatever difference in time lap !if racer don’t respect their lane or are not FORCED BY FIA TO RESPDCF THEIR LANE ? There won’t be any racing ! Since there is no delta between car

  9. You don’t need my word for it !
    Look at the qualification time sheet ! Check the delta between the first 10 driver
    Yes Mercedes had an unfair advantage for the first 29 lap !
    Because yes that is what it was unfair advantage ! An unfair advantage is also when something give you a benefit greater then you could see on time sheet average (the difference between racer )and you can clearly see that Hamilton was running away because of that advantage ! if I turn 3 degree more and I’m verstappen , I will have more tire wear ! Then if I’m Hamilton turning less ! I did not go to university and I know this !
    max won the race whatever Mercedes say!
    But no matter ! I suspect next time max won’t move and will stay the line ! He made room because he knew Hamilton was going to crash into him ! I suspect max won’t move one inch from his position next time ! And I agree with max ! It’s time Hamilton be teached a lesson ! like lane respect ! if Hamilton crash into verstappen next time I wonder what fia will find for new excuse ! I mean come on ! Fia altered the interpretation of the rule while team were racing ! And they warned via radio! That is not serious at all ! It’s not like fia had not explained ! They had explained before the race ! Everybody got that memo ! And they call Hamilton after 29 lap oups sorry I was getting laid , don’t do that anymore Lewis please ! they said the same to max ! and yet even tho they changed interpretation during race they refuse to call it unfaif advantage ! Even tho if any look at the qualification time sheet and compare the difference between each racer ? You can clearly see that it was an unfair advantage ! The difference between each team is so small they ran out of clock precision ! but what Hamilton and other did is fine ? Come on ! What a joke


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