Is LeBron more deserving of the NBA MVP award than Giannis? | The Jump


Richard Jefferson and Paul Pierce join Rachel Nichols on The Jump to discuss how NBA MVP awards should be handled and weigh in on if Los Angeles Lakers …



  1. Lebron can't win MVP as long as AD, a Top 10 player is on his roster with him. Just like Steph or KD couldn't win MVP while they were on the same team.

  2. listen the mvp does not mean on how you perform in the playoffs cause remember kareem won mvp and yet he did not win the mvp or lebron 2010 did not make it to the conference finals just like giannis is currently

  3. I feel they should keep the voting for all these awards until it reaches the conference finals because we will keep getting such situations where the best player during the regular season (where teams arent as focused ) getting washed in the playoffs where things are a lot harder just like rachel said when they give the golden boot for instance they give it at the end of the season so the one on top at the end shows he was the better scorer the nba should adopt something similar


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