Is Kevin Durant the most powerful person in the NBA? | The Jump


Rachel Nichols, Paul Pierce and Amin Elhassan evaluate Brian Windhorst’s column which surmises that Kevin Durant is the most powerful player in the NBA …



  1. I have a feeling KD could join Lebron in LA to beat the Warriors to show how much they really needed him. the word is GSw didnt need KD they just needed him off OKC so if he left and beat them what does that say about GSW. KD is Weird dude i am buying in. I dont see AD giving up a super max deal man

  2. Yes he is. Whichever team he decides for will alter the power in the nba. His decision will have ripple effects and no other player has that option like he does. He is a very powerful free agent. He can tip the scales. Gs will have a hard time winning a chip without him. Simple.

  3. The only way this is possible is if demarcus cousins returns full strength 100% full blast and the warriors pay him (not sure they can though with klay, curry and draymond

    And even if they win a chip i feel like KD might want to leave anyways and make more money while having a chance to win with Bron and AD


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