Is Google a monopoly?


You probably used at least one Google product today. Your browser, email, search engine: odds are, Google built it. But with dominant market power comes …



  1. Why would you expect Google to be fair and neutral to others? They are a private company, of course they will protect their own interests and push their own products. Isn't that what every company does? Google is a monopoly because it is the best. THere are other search engines out there, but nobody wants to use them, and everyone is free to create their own search engine.

  2. If you dont like google go use Bing! if you dont like google chrome go use internet explore or safari! it is not monopoly! they make the best products! it more seem more like punishment for being number 1!

  3. google not monopoly. theyre just really good at what they do.
    i just amaze with all google apps. top notch.

    while MS not even bother enhance their apps in accessories folder like forever.
    notepad and paint apps, jesus!

  4. I don't think google is doing anything wrong. It makes sense to highlight your own products if someone search not to mention YOU PAY FOR GOOGLE TO HIGHLIGHT YOUR ADS! GOOGLE IS PROVIDING A SERVICE TO A CUSTOMER WHO IS LOOKING FOR A CUSTOMER.

  5. Is CNN a monopoly ? They show their own videos instead of showing other people's videos on youtube. Herp Derp… Monopoly.
    Why would anyone have a problem with Google promoting its own products on its own website?
    What's next, people have a problem with moms feeding their own kids, instead of breast feeding other people's kids?! #StupidSnowflakes

  6. I don't want to be hypocrite and use YouTube, but I try as much as I can to stay away from Google if there's another choice. For example, I use bing as my default search(Seriously it's not THAT bad). Use Firefox or Microsoft edge instead of Chrome. Use Outlook calendar to organize my time. But before I know it, I became Microsoft fanboy myself.


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