In full: MPs vote on Brexit alternatives


MPs voted on eight Brexit alternatives after the government failed to halt the process. No option received a majority. LISTEN to our All Our Politics podcast: …



  1. We need a BRAND NEW party, one which doesn't select candidates who they went to school with, select a cabinet with actual SKILLS to do the jobs they are given, who have lived REAL lives and continue to know the people they represent, and can introduce sensible, affordable everyday policies. The only GOOD career politician is a DEAD one !!

  2. What do they mean BREXIT alternatives ? Thats like saying MP's are going to Vote on Alternative s to the Days of the Week ? There is no Alternative That is Unless your Ready for RIOTS IN Every Town & City in Britain THIS is not a Democratic Parliament …its a Bloody Dictatorship .

  3. Quite honesty as this is all about the infighting in the Tory party but they're quite happy to throw N.Ireland under a bus to keep unity within their party, the Tories can go to hell. I really don't care if it splits the Tories & Parliament, that's a small price to pay for the unity of the country.

  4. Our MPs are totally useless.  Not only have they failed to represent their constituents' joint decision in 2016, but also they can't make a decision of their own.  Parliament was started and designed for the privileged few, but now without the unifying ethos that the Upper Class had, MPs have nothing to direct their dictatorial power.  Maybe it is time to reform Parliament so that MPs are forced to represent the views of their constituents as well as their own.  I suggest a re-election mechanism: constituents should be able to petition for a bi-election if over a certain percentage sign a petition.

  5. Start a petition for leave on the 29th no deal WTO rules. Media keeps banging on about the 5m votes for a 2nd leave remain vote. Bet leave with WTO gets double that it no time

  6. Time for a new Parliament then.

    By rejecting all deals and no deal, how does Parliament expect the UK to leave the EU?
    It doesn`t, which was the plan from day one.

    The impasse is down to Parliament needing someone else to blame for not fulfilling the result of the 2016 referendum and why no one wants to step into TM`s shoes.

    So it has got to be a combination of a General Election, a Peoples vote and Revoking Article 50.

  7. Claim1: Political parties are
    the new opium with which citizens are controlled (to paraphrase Marx)                                                                                                                                          

     Claim 2: Plutocrats have seized control of
    all mass media and political parties; there are no longer either free media or
    competitive elections. By controlling all mass media, plutocrats manipulate
    public opinion, control the selection process of almost all politicians , and
    have made politicians indifferent to the quality of legislation: politicians
    get elected by manipulating ignorant citizens, not by promoting their interests

    Claim 3: Failing to implement the majority decision on brexit leads rational brexit

    voters to conclude that the majority rule & the “sufficient equality” rule

    have been violated. Indeed Brexit voters have been treated as inferior, second
    class citizens: therefore the current institutional setting is undemocratic and
    without legitimacy, on a path towards full blown dictatorship.   

    Claim 4: The “democracy contract” no longer being in force, one has no duty to obey
    collective decisions. Rational brexit voters can practise all forms of civil
    disobedience, including for example not paying taxes, nor BBC licence fees

  8. So, all the indicative vote options failed, and Mays deal if motioned will not pass, and Friday is the deadline. . . . . Like it or not, come Friday, the EU block will eject the UK exit without a deal as they have stated. Whether or not we leave with or without a deal will no longer be up to Westminster, but the EU27.

  9. All my prayers and best wishes to the UK, while it figures out how to become self sufficient. Canada is also a trade partner! We in The True North, are currently getting bullied by the US to the south and China. We lost $14B or so in sales of canola to Chinese retaliation against Canada because we upheld an US extradition warrant for the CEO of a Chinese cell phone company. We need a new buyer for all kinds of grains. The US and China buy most of Canada's export grains and they are just pushing us around. We have the same Queen. This could be mutually beneficial.

  10. We will never vote for the lib.Lab.Con artists ever again. We will be voting for UKIP and or For Britain. One of these party’s will win and the other will be the opposition. This stinking swamp will be drained on the next election. Silver spooned corrupt incompetent so called MPs.

  11. If the deal the government negotiated doesn't pass then let's go without a deal and trade under WTO but please don't extend because the uncertainty is damaging business and we are all fed up with Brexit.

  12. As an observer all day, I was struck with the awful manners of the government benches. And that was just the manners. They also tried every tactic to spoil, to avoid, to run down to stop proceedings. I hate that they are my lawmakers.

  13. Obviously the PM is not to blame ,it's the parliamentary muppets to blame,what a bunch of blithering idiots. The PM needs to go to the Queen and get an order in council re:WA.


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