Impeachment: Madonna, Robert De Niro mentioned during hearing | USA TODAY Entertainment


This is why Madonna and Robert De Niro were mentioned during the House of Representative’s debate over President Trump’s second impeachment.



  1. Tbf, Madonna's actual point was that although ppl might have moments where they think about drastic things like blowing up the white house, the only way forward is with peace. Having said that, I too am tired of having celebrities' political opinions forced down our throats. Especially since it's invariably the same old leftist rhetoric.
    One more point: Europeans know that one does not discuss politics at the dinner table. Americans right now feel it's important to make their political leanings explicit, and to judge others by theirs. That's a huge reason why the US is so divided right now. Ppl need to learn to not let politics interfere in their personal relationships. Take a leaf from the Europeans' book and STOP DISCUSSING POLITICS AT THE (PROVERBIAL) DINNER TABLE!!!

  2. Weaponized partisan b.s. gets ratings, clicks, views.. and god knows corporate media loves these cultures wars.

    Turn this sh** off and watch Katherine Gehl tell you how we can upgrade and save our democracy in one short Ted Talk. You can do it, I promise. Take the plunge.

  3. All those Hollywood stars are garbage, I can do good without ever seeing any thing they ever do again.or ever hearing anything any of them have to say, My world is good without any of them.


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