Iceland PM keeps her cool as earthquake disrupts interview – BBC News


Iceland Prime minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir kept calm under pressure as a 5.5 magnitude earthquake interrupted her live interview with the Washington Post.



  1. Our 'rottenly corrupt governments' are now no different to any other type of 'serial abuser'. In the sense, that they always insist that they are being 'forced' to do what they are doing to us (the citizens), because we are not doing what we are being told to do. Because we are not listening to them. That they are actually doing what they are doing to us 'for our own good'. And yes, in that sense. 'IT IS ALL OUR OWN FAULT'. We are the one's who are to 'blame' for all of the 'cruelty and the bullying' that we are now having to endure due to 'THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIONS'. Andrew.

  2. Takes more than a Earthquake to scare Icelanders .

    In 2008 Icelanders mostly Housewives easily kicked out the IMF Mobster Racketeering Bankers and replaced their treasonous Government .

    The IMF,s response to try and stop them and hide Iceland's example from the rest of the World get WHO to trigger a level 6 pandemic on zero deaths apart from a few near Mexico Baxter's Pharmaceutical,s who died from Bird Flu virus that was renamed Swine Flu .

    As soon as the level 6 pandemic was triggered "Va**ine Sleeping Contracts" meant our Governments had to purchase Billions of Dollars worth of va**ines .

    Strangely or not Iceland "reportedly" got hit the hardest by Swine flu in 2009 .Hmm?

    The 2009 Swine Flu pandemic came to a grinding halt after the va**ine made by Baxter Pharmaceutical,s in Austria about to be used in a mass forced va**ination program was exposed by many including Jane Burgermeister ,Polish Government and French activists to be deadly and containing live Bird Flu virus .

    See Children's Health Defence League video "The Jab" a replay of the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic and the use of "Sleeping Contracts" to prop up the Banks .


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