How quickly can Red Bull Racing turn its campaign around?


Our latest Formula 1 2020 feature on Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. Red Bull Racing’s staff may be utterly exhausted following Formula One’s opening …



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  2. I like Red Bull but they do not stand any chance against Mercedes and should look to the back now with very strong Racing Point cars …… no chance for any World Championships with Merc in the hybrid era.

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  4. Also red bull only caught up to Mercedes late in the season because they were bringing updates while Mercedes were already using their resources for the 2020 car instead of the 2019 car

  5. The red bull is a high downforce car meaning it performs on tracksike Hungary, Monaco and singapore whilst on power tracks like spa and monza it would be a bit draggy. They need to change their philosophy, the high rake advantage is not there as red bull are only fastest in fast corners whilst Mercedes are faster everywhere else.

  6. 2020 is so weird!

    Here we are seeing Nico Hulkenberg back in F1

    And to think as of today (31Jul2020) this far in the year Hulk only missed 3 races of the season!

    Weird to know and think Hulk will have the same amount of races Perez would have in total for the season once Perez finishes quarantine!

    The fact we are even speaking seeing Hulkenberg again warps the mind!

    Even more stunning is should Stroll need replacing with Nico back for another 3 races, Nico would have raced the same amount of races as the Full Time drivers (as to date only 12 total races). How crazy!!

  7. At the end of the day… nobody has stood a realistic chance again Merc since 2014, and nor will they until the 2022 regulations come into play.

    To put it into perspective… the 2018 Mercedes car would have taken pole at this years Austrian Grand Prix by 3 tenths over the other teams' 2020 cars.

    Level of dominance is incredible.


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