High speed trading showdown


Citadel’s Jamil Nazarali and former high speed trader David Lauer weigh the pros and cons of computerized stock trading for investors and society.



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  3. Is the trading platform and software on 0:45 still BLOOMBERG maybe ? Someone can tell me which platform is that ? Is that a trading prorpietary platform made by Citadel developers maybe?

  4. why do these firms hire people with phd from harvard? I mean the guy said they dont do trading decisions, they only monitor the robots….why the fuck would you need to hire a genius to babysit a computer???

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  7. At the video time of 4:42 minutes: If I attended Juilliard, or the greatest music schools in order to learn and perform Brahms or Beethoven, and earning my B. S., while Jay Z, Snoop Dog, and Puff Daddy Diddy, are flashing their cash, cars and their companions cervix, how would you want me to think when I am pondering my prospect of perpetual penuriousness?

  8. They provide a good price (tight spread) because they create the price
    as they're market makers and they most likely hedge against you, so they
    never really lose.

  9. So what? You require the best to watch over the trading program, any scientist can program and knows computers better than any other computer science major. The plus is that other knowledge they have– their own major.

  10. Machines are taking over, they use these brilliant guys to design the applications and then throw them out. Guess what, computers are cheaper and dont need to be on the payroll plus they are more efficient. Just wondering what will happen when robots take over the factory floors of China. The future doesn't look so bright.

  11. Our capital markets are Potemkin villages. There is only the ruse of investing and allocating capital to industry. Leechers, making up more than half of all volume today, suck money from real (naive) investors and this is enabled due to corrupt regulators, oligopolistic for-profit exchanges, and the preponderant market manipulator of our age, the Fed.

  12. I also wish they would have an option to exit the market, but they might think im a cry baby. I could buy the option and if the price goes against me I could take some profits while the banks commit more fraud, and if the price goes for me I could buy another option or exit completly. boo hoo hoo poor me

  13. they like to stop you out the market with a huge spread which makes it more difficult to manage trades becasue you cant use your stop loss. I wish they would set the stop losses up so when the price action hits your SL you will be taken out not at the spread price.

  14. This guy puts up a defense saying that everyone in there has a degree. Like somehow that relates at all to the debate. What if everyone in there was a homeless bum? Wouldn't that be worse? FEAR FEAR FEAR.. HFT… FEAR FEAR FEAR.. the public has no idea FEAR FEAR FEAR

  15. the government is too stupid and ignorant too even understand the problems today.  Canada atleast is recognizing that there is problems.  And people that are making money that shouldnt be

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  17. Interesting point. I'm all for free market policy and the dynamics of change however I have seen HFTs change the game in a way that frustrates the "investment" community into thinking that algos are a major nuisance.


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