Hidden Gem of The USA – Add this to your bucket list now! | Sausalito Travel Guide


I never knew that a place like this existed in the United States. If the Hamptons and Italy’s Amalfi coast had a baby it would be Sausalito, California! It’s truly a …



  1. I love this channel, #blackexcellence is always great to see. I'm going to have to put Sausalito on my list after I get my second shot in a few weeks.

    I just hope I can also rent a drop-top Porsche, I'm literally too young to rent the same car I own on Turo (BMW 428i), so I'm gonna have to hit up that app "Get Around"

  2. Sausalito is known for its wonderful views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge as well as for its historic Richardson Bay houseboat community, which was built after WWII by artists and other free spirits. The city hosts the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' functioning hydraulic model of the Bay Area

  3. Wonderful job – thank you very much for featuring Sausalito! There is so much to do in Sausalito, hotel accommodations for any budget. If food is what you are looking for there are over 50 restaurants & cafes', wonderful art galleries and boutique shops. There is a new Visitor Center opening featuring art, goodies and all things Sausalito & Marin. It is located on El Portal next to The Inn Above the Tide and Hotel Sausalito. Friday – Sunday if you want the best pastries in town visit Angelino's pastry bar – featuring items baked by Le Cordon Bleu Paris trained pastry chef.

  4. I'm born an raised in the Bay (707). My boyfriend at the time took me to Sausalito for the weekend years ago an we had a great time. I would love to go back an experience some of the things you did! To bad you missed the Sausalito Taco Shop. I remember they have the BEST guac!


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