'Hey, Hey, Hey' Bill Cosby posts Father's Day message | USA TODAY


Bill Cosby may be in prison, but his social media accounts still posted a Father’s Day message Sunday. “Hey, Hey, Hey…It’s America’s Dad…I know it’s late, but to …



  1. Are the posts supposed to be damage control? Still manipulating anyone who will buy his message…well, no one looks up to him anymore. He's where he needs to be. Now, cut off the communication cord. He needs to have "no contact". The public needs to be mentally, emotionally, and psychologically protected from this predator. Judge should order it to be done, to cut off all influence he may try to seek to fuel or rebuild his low sense of worth. Let him die in prison.

  2. Raping white woman in the 60s and 70s and they never said anything, even I know that's bull, it's ok bill us black folks know this all started when you was about to buy NBC and then the railroading started, they have 8 thousand case of child molestation in the catholic churches but USA TODAY can't stay on that story, I guess that falls under God is testing your faith, (more like testing your bootie hole)

  3. I dont happen to think he should be in jail. The women out themselves in difficult situations and had some idea what they were getting into. Keep being funny Bill! The flakes may change their minds and re-cant.

  4. I think we pretty much know where he got the name FAT ALBERT , it was a slap in the face of Americans who fell for this sexual predator hook line and sinker .

  5. The only reason he did this is to try and rally the black community to his side seeing he's being "tried by the white man". Rather pathetic. Race has nothing to do with his crimes.

  6. Bill Cosby is a predator and psycho regardless of his good deeds. Too bad the man has zero self-control and not a clue when it comes to kindness. Whoopi Goldberg would vouch for him if Jeffery Epstein was in his rolodex

  7. Bill Cosby got thrown in jail because Democrats dont like when a Black Conservative speaks and it pleasures them to see black folks behind bars. If all of those so called "victims" were actual victims why did every single one of them accept a plea deal? Why did they conveniently wait years to come out with it?

  8. This creep at this point has probably convinced himself that he did nothing wrong. It's amazing what the mind can rationalize. stfu and do your time ! He is surrounded by people who are telling him that he's o.k. General population because he has enough money for everyone.


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