Here's how YouTubers make money off platform


From merchandise to donations, content creators on YouTube have found plenty of ways to generate income beyond ad revenue. #CNNBusiness.



  1. BEST BUSINESS ADVICE EVER. Get a crypto currency wallet and start transacting in crypto everybody. You will be helping the world shake away debt slavery and advocating for peace and prosperity. Now is the time. EOS is great to transact with because it is instantaneous and severely undervalued. If you sell online or provide any service it is a tremendous advantage to offer digital payment services, like having a VISA machine in your phone without the cost.

  2. Is not wrong to have sponsor but it will change how you make a video… Like most gadgets reviewer said they have no sponsor but they have those gear before launch.. that is indirect sponsor..

  3. Jarvis Johnson is like an investigative reporter that fills you in on click-bait crap, so you don't have to click on it… (Not all heroes wear capes) I'm thinking he was a crappy coder, so I'm glad he's found a way to supplement his income…

  4. aren't you going to include yourself into the quantification scenario. isn't it true that CNN along with all the rest of corporate media have completely taken hegemonic control over social media advertising platforms. isn't it true that CNN and many others demand content creators comport to the same PG-13 rating system that you are held to by the FCC on the air? isn't it true that the Jewish oligarchy are making it increasingly difficult for Content creators to make money? personally I don't care because I don't monetize my channel because I boycott how the money gets split and divided. How come you didn't talk about that?!


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