Hereford among areas where more than 400 properties have been flooded


The River Wye in Hereford and surrounding villages has reached “truly exceptional levels” according to the Environment Agency. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube …



  1. It wouldn't be flooding so badly up line if down line was dredged so the water can escape faster. EU regulations prevented dredging for a number of reasons, mainly to cause flooding so thousands lose their homes, in favour of wading birds and bog creation habitats for them.

  2. This is a disaster that could have been prevented easily. The British could learn some lessons of how to prevent future flooding & build better safe roads for everyone from their neighbor's " The Netherlands, the Dutch have a long experience in flooding prevention as they are under the sea level and also have very safe roads for everyone, be a pedestrian or cyclist or motorist, everyone have their safe road. If a small country like the Netherlands can do it, the UK can definitely do it as well. It looks only politicians more interested in spending other useless things. It is very sad to see these people repeatedly in floods.

  3. To think we are only in the beginning stages of abrupt climate change must be very worrying for people throughout England. These powerful storms are just a prelude to much bigger and more destructive climate changes.

  4. We need less 'Climate emergency' rubbish – which has clearly helped no one but the taxman – and more TREES being planted because tree roots turn land into water sponges that can store large amounts of rain.
    CAP pays farmers to get rid of trees and this is the result, it rains, the water runs off and floods.
    We need rows of trees on hillsides to stop this. Look at the water: it's all BROWN, that's mud from fields.

  5. "BREAKING: Number 10 adviser Andrew Sabisky quits"

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    Ah, the media can't have the public expressing their views on the matter, surely, that would be a bit too much freedom for them…

  6. It is mother nature force. Nothing will stop it. Climate devices. Science or other prediction will never predict how strong or weak it would be. All we have to do is to take extra caution

  7. 2:55 Why Didn't They Setup Flood Defenses On River Bank.
    3:33 God Forbid Misery Is Strong Word , But Freezing Is Miserable.

    "I Iike Mr Saviour Who Volunteer And Rescue God's Men"

    وقیل یا ارض ابلعی مإک و سمإ اقلعی و غیض المإ و قضی الامر و استوت علی الجودی


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