F1 in 10 NEWS WRAP: Ricciardo's 2021 switch, Toyota's Le Mans win, Ferrari's struggles, and more.


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  1. Not being technically or mechanically minded, but a massive F1 fan, what do people feel is the reason for Ferrari's massive struggle this season? had they designed their car around an 'illegal' engine design or spec and now they've had to pretty much start from scratch?

  2. Yeah, right! That Botas strategy didn’t have anything to do with ensuring that Mercedes (and Lewis) will go down in history books as the most winningest, most records held bla-bla, it was “the vibration”…
    The only time Bottas is so vocal and demanding doesn’t indicate that he knows what’s going on behind closed doors, and that wasn’t at all a “Please help me” message to whoever when asked for the opposite tyre choice, or basically saying- I’m freaking tired of this…

  3. Turkey should be removed from F1. The world is making a swift move towards Autocratic Governments. Making life difficult for the citizens to vote and earn a living wage. F1 will be in trouble as more and more Nation's move in that direction. F1 will lose fans to excessive operating & ticket costs, cutting the average and true fans from attending. These repressive Nation's including the USA will help to move the Sport beyond the fans who aren't rich. USA has out priced its fans in the 4 major sports Baseball, Amer. Football, Ice Hockey & Basket ball.

  4. Carlos was supposed to keep Alonso Mclaren seat warm, but Zac the fat fuck double crossed him.. Finally they were getting the Mercedes power unit, Alonso would have drove the fuck out of that Mclaren, but now he'll have to hope the Renault is up to the task..

  5. Hopefully Hamilton and Mercedes will move out of F1 when the rules change and they are on a more equal playing field. Black lives matter horse shit has no place in F1. We ( the so very very few of us in the US) don't tune to see a social/political statement from that piece of crap. We're here to see racing. So how many black folks watch and support F1? Probably zero.

  6. When will we ever get back to driver versis driver as apposed to this lunatic car development programe ?? We might as well put a bloody robot in the car ????? Lets have F1 with
    robots and F1/2 with humans in the seat..Even Lewis is probably finding the so called wins empty !!!!!!!!!! Just no competition even his co driver surprise surprise is shit !!!!
    or is he ???? perhaps a few little tweeks going on in the merc garage ???????????????? Mr Hamilton must winn at all cost comes to mind ?? What ever !!! F1 is almost dead
    just watch formula E Egg citing Watch the 24 hour race Egg citing F1 Boaring as shit !!!!!! no more to be said except how sad is that !!!!!!!!!!! I have been watching f1 for over
    57 years never ever has it been so boaring never ever has it been without a character of some sort Rikenhen being the last I guess Vettel has put a little spark in but even he gets
    laced for saying or doing things he should not ??? Moto G.P. was the same untill Marques fell off and huirt himself now it has come alive The only difference being Marques
    is briiliant I.E. not the bike but him he is outstanding !! where as with Lewis lets be honest its the car..Nothing against the chap he is good but not that good !!!
    Sorry about the spelling etc but i am dislexik or somethinglike that I just love the sport that they are killing and feel compeled to say something before all is lost..
    Lets all hope 2021 is something special because by god it needs something to get this fantastic sport back on its feet again does it not ?????


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