F1 IN 10 | LATEST NEWS | Williams' staff, Haas' 2021 line-up, and Saudi Arabia


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  1. Cash is king in F1. So now we are racing in those well known democracies of Bahrain, China, Abu Dhabi, and now the democracy of Saudi Arabia. If Liberty Media and the FIA were given enough money they would have a F1 race in North Korea.

  2. F1 in North Korea is the next logical step. Goodbye f1, I can't watch anymore. They suck up to any dictator who can throw money at them, the races are boring as as hell, and they're trying to get away from racing automobiles to eco-friendly God knows what.

  3. 3:27 "We know it's NOT the job of F1 to change the world…" BRAHHHHHHHH!
    So explain South Africa 1994??? Nope, F1 NEVER EVER plays politics, EVER!
    Hungary??? Was a Communist GP that huge in Revenue? Yup, there were millions of Communists buying $50 T shirts and reserving $250 tickets. OR was it "The West" throwing punches @Gorbachev…

  4. If a Saudi person wants to speak up about their political system that’s fine but if your not involved then why get involved unnecessarily. This isn’t the same as blm or the fight against racism in general. I’m not saying f1 would be wrong to take a stand on what they believe but there’s a way to do things and straight up accusations of people never goes well in the media


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