F1 DEEP DIVE: The Rise of Esports


Our latest F1 2020 feature on Formula One Esports. The sun is now destined to rise over Formula 1’s 2020 season at Austria’s Red Bull Ring, with the action set …



  1. Must be a age thing. I enjoy playing the sims but find watching other people play boring or at least uninteresting. Certainly can't pretend they matter in any way. I hope that isn't the way the world goes dropping real sports in favor of these.

  2. Simulation racing has its place as practice. As a replacement for the real thing? Well, would you guys prefer to have simulated sex, or the real thing? Right, I thought so.

  3. Great video I'm a big fan of the F1 2019 on the PS4 going to definitely get the F1 2020 PS4. I definitely like watching them on esports I was a big fan of it before it was a covid-19 head.

  4. 1) Esport is childish and no substitute for the real thing.
    2) Good luck starting the season in July. Travel restrictions, including a 14 day quarantine in many countries, will stop that. Quite possible no racing at all this year.


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