Ex-President Trump has a *lot* of money problems


Donald Trump officially left the White House on January 20. Immediately, he came face-to-face with a whole bunch of financial issues and crumbling business …



  1. No wonder he was in so much denial about the Corona virus pandemic: he literally sacrificed hundred of thousands of Americans by his denial of the pandemic in an effort to lessen the negative effects of Covid on his business operations! Unbelievable callousness and lack of empathy for the welfare of his fellow Americans!

  2. If there were any Trump hotels left, one could renegotiate the final bill to 50% at the end of the stay? Well, it turns out that Donald is only happy for him to do these things because he's special and the brainless followers are just ants.

  3. That's why he was running like hell trying to stay in power and drove those racist and extreme right criminals to try to stop the certification because he knew there is a world of trouble that he has no choice but to face them… He is not billionaire but he does own billions and now he is going to start loosing by the way of repossession and he still will be owing more money to NYS IRS… I mean, what was he thinking or like he himself put it sometime ago; what was in it for him?
    Besides, GA is looking for him, criminally!!!
    I guess he is going to be busy for the next few years litigating from one court to the next and that's if he can find lawyers to represent him because it's well known that HE DOES NOT PAY!!!
    I hope and prAy he represent himself so he can make an ASS of HIMSELF in a court of law…
    If I were a lawyer I would be demanding at least $1 M, minimum, in advance…

  4. Dont know if Trump is rich before he became the president. But he sure is rich now. You may not see his money on papers but he sure do have billions in his offshore accounts.US president is the most powerful man on earth and he can make lot of money by policy changes. Iam sure chinese gave him lot of money to be easy on them. THough he was barking at them he and his daughter had some shady deals with china

  5. Good. He's cost taxpayers over 4 billion dollars to defend and clean up all the destruction and damage he and his cult followers have wracked on state capitols. Glad his cult followers are being rounded up in Federal Prison. He'll be joining them soon!

  6. Prediction: Trump LOSES some of his coveted properties in a bank-ordered fire sale, and is so upside-down financially that he ends up hawking Trump “Presidential” themed memorabilia on QVC.

  7. Trump could milk his fans for millions. He could start a website and charge subscription fees so
    his fans could log on and listen to him brag about himself. He could also make a line of clothing and goods with statement about how great he thinks he is and slogans like "stop the steal." He could make the products dirt cheap in China and mark them up 100 fold for his fans. They'd buy it up.

  8. CNN has a negative obsession with Donald J Trump. They are not a news channel anymore. They are a collection of haters and egomaniacs. Trump was right about Don Lemon, Acosta, and the lot of them. And now here it is February2021 and they are still obsessed with him everyday.
    24 hour “news” stations have all helped in their own way to bring down America from its place on the world stage. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is private. They have no respect for themselves let alone anyone else

  9. Advice for Trump: acquire a bunch of cheap plastic flowers, cheap stuffed animals, and cheap plastic doodads, and some glue. Make cute things to sell on Etsy. Keep it up for long enough, and you can pay off all those debts. Should take only, oh, about 6000 years.

  10. Yes, after 4 years of DT, so does America! In his infinite stupidity, he broke America in every possible way! DT has money problems, but he always has had money problems. He schemed his constituents outta $76 million dollars. He’s awaiting his fool to use.

  11. Trump is not, and never has been, any sort of financial genius.
    He inherited wealth, pissed it away on stupid 'deals' and went bankrupt 6 times. Including run ing a casino and money laundering operationm

  12. What does trump's money problems have to do with CNN and this fool Chris Cillizza. These people cant stop stalking the former president. Start reporting on the news that is of actual importance. #CNN FAKE NEWS


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