Ethiopia dispute: Parliament approves interim gov’t for Tigray


Ethiopia’s parliament has moved to replace the regional government in the northern region of Tigray. It is the latest move between the federal government and …



  1. Abiy is not the elected P.M . he came to power as an interim P.M. until election will be held ,following the nationwide protest against EPRDF, the former ruling party in which Abiy himself was belongs and led Ethiopia for 30 years . He is now committing a crime of ethnic cleansing on the people of Tigrai and Amhara. people have been killing everyday since he came into power and the country is gradually losing its integrity and waiting for the final whistle to dismantle once and for all. before this will happen "ABIY MUST GO"

  2. It’s not fair to have a AWOL to provide you his analysis of the conflict. He is biased! One reason is that he is a good friend of Jawar who is sent to jail as he plan and get killed so many innocent Ethiopian! AWOL was also promised top official role had Jawar’s dream succeeded.

  3. As a Somali i can only wish peace for Ethiopia..their refugees would really have impact on our country..they’re millions of times larger than us..and if anything bad happens in Ethiopia it will effect us.
    Ethiopias should learn a lesson from Somalia don’t go to civil war we know what civil war is.

  4. Abiye, I hope you reap what you sow. As an Eritrean I can attest the Tigrayans are a warrior people who are battle hardened and very passionate to protect their freedom. They fought along side us against amhara DERG for 16 years. We thought them how to fight. You must not value your people's life because tens of thousands will fall before you can even step into Mekele.

  5. Air strikes will continue in the next week and he claimed this war is very specific and targeted only 12 TPLF leaders. I never heard anywhere in history bombarding several major cities to kill 12 people.

    This is a conventional war aimed at the People of Tigria for resisting his dictatorship rule.

  6. Ethiopian prime minister Abiy is fighting with criminals group called eprdf to bring to jusctice not with Tigray ethnic please make this clear. don't mislead the world into wrong direction !!

  7. awol would you tell me how you respect the constitution and keep human rights as a pm of one country? Ethiopian wait for peace for a long time even elders went to mekele and as intermediates but tigray governor refused peace calling by country's elders, last day genocide war on Amhara people exhibited which designed TPLF and performed by ONEG SHENE terrorists. The next day they took shameful measures on our country military camp. so what you are narrating to me which is a great shame a single law expert at university and continent.

  8. I think you need to be very wise and smart to bring the people together, war won't bring victory to the Ethiopian people. It will just bring poverty and embracement. Don't teach the new generation about hate and violence. Feed them how powerful unity is! Ethiopia relies on Unity, please don't kill my people.

  9. Thank you about for making a greater place. I know that we are at war with TPLF not tigray. I fully support him and his administration. Please all people TPLF is sending children to war we have to stop them here and know. It is a crime against humanity. And allo f**k u you are not even in Ethiopia what are u talking about. If you are really an ethiopian reporter come inside the country and ask the question. If you get prosecuted then u can say what ever u want.

  10. The only reason why tigray fight back in war is because they got threatened by abiy and isaias to kill them down and Tigray has all right to defend them self as everybody would. Tigray said peaceful that all the what is peace with each other but abiy and isaias didn’t like that so it’s a question u should ask for isaias and his puppy. Plus Tigray teens chose to be a part of it to defend there people an like Eritrea who force military by young teens and abiy brainwashed Amharic ppl Into thinking that they need war against Tigray but Tigray is the strongest


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