Erin Burnett asks: Why would North Korea release this photo now?


North Korea claims that Kim Jong Un made a public appearance at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. CNN’s Will Ripley reports. #CNN #News.



  1. Why? Easy— Because North Korea wants their people to believe there was never any problem. Because North Korea likes the idea that Kim Jong Un is some kind of god, and gods don't get sick.

  2. You're actually SERIOUSLY reporting on a UNVERIFIED PHOTO from a country that's is the last practitioner of large scale PROPAGANDA and is the #2 in the WORLD for hacking?!
    Have fun.

  3. CNN delete one of their videos bc it show a protest of both democrats and republicans wanting to get back working. They don’t want to show you that democrats and republicans agree and protest about the same thing. They also deleted it bc they was lying say protester was arm with guns but it was the army helping the cops bc it was to many people and you never know if one of the protesters will have a gun then just start shooting bc some people are dumb to do something like that

  4. Who the hell cares about what comes from CNN. I have watched CNN for quite some time and i have compared your words from articles to shows to "quick clip news" and have found, that if you take one of the Conference's you cover to the news following during or after, you will find statements taken out of context and put into the words your producer "thinks" it might catch the world's attention. Then, later wind up looking like the Jackasses one might catch on an old cartoon show. Your starting to be like MSNBC, but hey it's all about making that next pay check and who cares who you mislead.

  5. the C I A, NSA,PENTAGON, realy for one moment think that they dont know where he is ,they know where all the
    leaders with nuclear capability are ,even minor threats ,like anwar al awlaki, his 16 year old son adbulrahman al awlaki, ,,,general qasem soleimani
    just to name a few ,,

  6. Wheres the ARTICLE? Wheres the photo?

    I can’t see videos on my connection. Why release something only as a video. I don’t want to listen to someone else read the news, I want to READ IT MYSELF.


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