Election 2020 Results: Swing states still being decided in race between Trump and Biden | USA TODAY


Live results from the 2020 presidential election as Americans vote in races for the presidency, 11 governorships, 35 Senate seats and all 435 House seats.



  1. A prophecy from Kim Clement received around 2010:

    A man will step forward among you

    A man of gold and fire

    A man who bravely speaks truth and who despises corruption

    A man who has a gentle heart towards his people but walks as bold as a lion

    A man who lives not in a castle or a mansion but in a high tower

    A man that has been long prepared for this time

    Through him the evil hearts of the world will be confounded, confronted, convicted

    and the whole world will know when God almighty says, "SOUND THE TRUMP",


  2. No wonder the democrats fought so hard for mail in ballots…..they thought it would be the path to steal the election…..In Michigan they have more votes cast than eligible voters…Wow!!!!! the cheating is real…This was the only way they could get Biden in!!!!!! Well this will all end up in court…Dominion machines used in other countries to steal elections purchased in democrat states and used to switched votes from Trump to Biden…..Wow!!!! well…intellect says cheating has taken place in this election….Feelings are not valid in an election to certify a winner/president…..This election will be the worst mess since the China Virus to hit America….dirty deeds all around…Democrats cheaters!!!!!

  3. God's timetable is ready.
    1. Danielle's 1,290 days (just 12:11) -1335 days (just 12:12)=2625 – B.C605 (just when the daily ritual is abolished)=2020

    2.The Revelation Chapter 12 verse 1 (A day when Saturn and Jupiter collide around December 21, 2017)

    3.Daniel 9:27 (with many people in the future) Israel has a peace treaty, right?~

    4. Bail (WCC, WEA, many people will be going to the temple just before the seven-year Great Rebellion) * Book of Revelations 12:05: Women (Israel) children (Ibangin) ; They put their children before God and their throne (Hugh) So Hugh is before the seven-year war. * You'll go through Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew.

    5. Vaccines??: Find and refer to the revelation made by a woman named Least Toll at the lung camp. We must wake up, raise our heads, and prepare for the king's steps.

    6. Chemtrail: The phenomenon of cloudy skies with chemical spray contains components (barium, Straume, Niobate) that can make holograms. It contains harmful heavy metals, harmful viruses, harmful bacteria, harmful fungi, and harmful chemicals.
    Ted Gunderson. I'm LA Dallas. It's a time when God's word is achieved simultaneously.

    I pray that you will not lose your time and be deceived and blind.

    Jesus is coming soon.

  4. There is a force that is invading the world with the secret feeder of officials (through their relatives) controlling the officials working for them.This is the cause of corruption, murderous spirit. I was approached by them using this machine, a series of stolen bank accounts, I had previously posted about 1000 years of lost history of Vietnam on Vu Hoang Facebook. The machines I have posted on the US election pages are real if they help me catch this malicious computer. If this human computer cannot be found to translate Covid, corruption will degrade the world economy and the next world war will ensue. The American people should support Mr. Trump because of the 7 billion people on the planet, we have to choose him as a man of peace. This is the clue to turn the tables( Giúp tôi cho cả thế giới biết về chiếc máy này nó đang xảy ra ở nước tôi)

  5. see yall are still pushing the narrative of the AP calling the election and that safeguards are in place are in place to ensure the integrity of the election. Your so called safe guards must be the glitches, The over voting, the fraud, and all the dead people voting. It is so sad that you are betraying the very principles of our election by not waiting till the election is certified and you are betraying the American people while cutting the very fabric that holds all Americans together. I guess you are doing what you are paid to do a massive disinformation campaign.

  6. We can only help Trump and our country not.only through words but through our financial support. It's sacrifice we have to make, if we want to keep freedom alive. Give to his campaines if you truly love this country. My wife and I are retired but we managed to give out of our need


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