Donald Trump: Michael Cohen only lied 95% – I was impressed


The US president has responded to his former lawyer’s testimony in front of Congress. Michael Cohen labelled Donald Trump a “racist” and a “conman” and …



  1. It is not impossible for a fool like Trump to convince his supporters that a square is a circle or that his ancestors built the pyramids. All he needs to do is keep repeating his lies and those desperate for a saviour will believe without question and follow him into the abyss.

  2. Cohen didn't say "no collusion", just that he himself wasn't involved. He said that spanky was knowledgeable about the Wikileaks dump before it happened. He observed Jr. was discussing "setting up a meeting" with spanky shortly before the trump tower meeting with spanky before it happened, and doing so in an unusual and secretive manner. He believes that spanky controlled everything that happened with the campaign and that Jr. did nothing without spanky's approval. Cohen also said that spanky will do anything to win, including colluding with a foreign power.


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