DOCS: The World’s Richest Teenager and Me


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  1. So, I like the concept of the document, but lemme tell you something. The guy doing this is just one creepy guy. Some of his reactions are just out of order and have some unnecessary stuppid coments. Ugh, annoying.

  2. This is so stupid, ugh you have money? You must be incredibly narcissistic! Lots of people have millions in this world. Noticed you didn’t start with your own royal family, or the sRothschilds who own a third of everything on Earth. NEXT!

  3. Lacey… "perhaps he made a decision in his life" … No rich person should feel guilty or be blamed, but come on! What decision has a 17 year old whose dads 60 million dollar wealth has bought a Range made to be in that position? Didnt sound right to me…some peoples poverty is self inflicted, but not all are guilty for being poor… I mean, Lacey and the daughter of a homeless person have same opportunities in life, right? Joke! … Shes likeable though!

  4. American girl was the same as me. And house isn't that big. Dubai kid is lying. And there is security everywhere you go especially the girls. They just look like other people. We are sheltered from the outside world. Not spoiled. Sheltered. And duh the world is cold and scary but we still get our parents. Oh and that closet wss tiny she's hiding her others. Btw this isn't me now. This is before college.

  5. as soon as the team told me I couldn't ask about money for a damn rich teenager documentary I would've left right then. obviously we know you have more to say. but the documentary isn't about your business as it is now. it's about how you got there. so sketchy.

  6. Kira was a really sweet girl; however, her PR peoples reluctance to talk about the objective of the documentary should have resulted in her whole segment being cut out. It is blatantly obvious they only wanted to use this interview to promote her brand and make money from this interview. Time after time they put you back into their boundaries. Her father may have $600,000, in that case he should be able to afford advertising for his daughters store. Maybe it was a language barrier and they truly did not understand the point of the documentary, but I doubt it. Otherwise, brilliant work on showing us how the wealthy live. Thank you!

  7. Teenage girl who's rich? I think they mean the parents are rich and she is spoiled and gets what she wants. He even said it himself that the father is the owner…. once she is out the house she will learn what living really is all about.

  8. i like what that rich male teen said that you get bored of rich people he still believes that every one is treated equal no matter if there rich or poor or whatever he don't treat people differently cause of how they was raised up and etc

  9. why didn't you ask her, if she finds it fair that it is possible to have such a bit gap of richness as the norm. And that the rich families can always pass on their wealth. And that the norm cause of that never realy can grow.

  10. The Russian segment they knew what they were doing! They used it as a marketing strategy! They didn’t want to talk about how Kira is a rich teen, seeing possibly as the world would see her in a different manner, so they want to just portray her as a hard working teen with a “dream”! They just want “the money” & not to disclose “the money”! Hoping that this strategy will bring in more revenue for their business! Nice try but I ain’t buying! (Either that or there is something shady AF going on behind the scenes of their business! Dirty money, possibly?!)

    I understand people have the right to not disclose their financials with people. But when you agree to an interview on a topic presented to you & you agree, then swing it the other way. That to me is shady!

  11. Even tho I do think the Thai's girls parents are amazing and down to earth….i don't believe for a second that they don't just buy her everything she wants….she doesn't save up for a Chanel bag with 3 pounds a day allowance. I think they were putting on a bit of a front for the camera, but I don't blame them, and who knows I could be wrong.

  12. (the Thailand family) Omg her mum looks so much like her! They were my fav, I liked the Dubai kid too. They were all sweet, but those two, you can tell they are the ones with their heads on right.


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