DJ LeMahieu DECLINES Yankees Offer! Mets Make a BOLD Move.. (MLB Offseason News)


DJ LeMahieu Says NO to Yankees Offer.. Francisco Lindor to Mets? Marcus Stroman Accepts Offer from… 2020 2021 MLB Offseason News Support the channel …



  1. I like seeing Marcus stroman doing that to mess up timing, If I was hitting off of him than I'd like it and take it as a challenge because what he does is just a different strategy to come at hitters. Money says I hit a bomb off of him within 30 ABs

  2. As a Mets fan it’s less about did we overpay for stro (we did), but more when was the last time 1) a player wanted to come here because of the owner 2) that by overpaying for one player we aren’t out of free agency we still have the ability for major talent

  3. Also i heard Yankees offer to ur Indians for Lindor 1B Luke Voit, OF Estevan Florial, OF Mike Tauchman Cash Considerations or PTBNL and if that doesnt work out Yankees r going to try to trade Voit and/or Andujar for Lance Lynn or Josh Hader and/or Corbin Burnes and resign DJ Lemahieu move him to 1st and then bring Didi back on 4-5 year deal as well and he would b their SS again.

  4. Bro i thought u were smarter lol obv DJ gonna decline 1 year 18.9 million QO yanks just did that incase another team offered a rediculous amount to him to try nd steal him from yankees tha yankees would then get a draft pick. Yankees r gonna offer him 4 years 78$million


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