Disturbing images of civilian killings in Ethiopia obtained by BBC – BBC News


Disturbing videos which appear to show the killing of unarmed civilians in Northern Ethiopia by people apparently dressed in Ethiopian army uniform, have been …



  1. VERIFICATIONS of the videos shall preceed before utter and swift jugment!
    BBC, can you please also disclose what lead to this law enforcment process in the first place? If you do that, NOTHING BUT THE WHOLE TRUTH WILL BE KNOWN!!!(that is perhaps NOT your objective)
    These 'CIVILIANS' are belived to be the militia fighters of the JUNTA who killed and danced over the dead bodies of the LOYAL NORTHERN MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN of Ethiopian military base in Tigray!!!

  2. Why don't we just invade Ethopia then? I am sure the Ethiopian citizens would welcome it since they are opposing their government anyway. We would install a new fresh government for them and let them elect their own Head of State to run the country. It sounds stupid, I know, but it's been done before and it seems they really need it.

  3. The Western world should punish the gullity. Are you ready and willing to step up to stop this kind of behavior? Don't look to authorities, it is a personal call to act, not talk but act. WWI started over the death of one man but today, the murder of thousands gets a news short story and then nothing. To quote the Prince of Verona in the closing scene of Romeo and Juliet "All are punished!" and so we are, guilty of silence and lack of moral fiber, and living in guilt , we are less and someday we may face the bullet. I too am at blame. If you wear shame lonlg enough, it becomes your favoirte outfit. Bob Jarrard – USA

  4. I find it hard to believe that the Ethiopian army members would do such an act and record it for everyone to view it, this was staged by TPLF members to discredit the Ethiopian government

  5. One thing I will say about this video is: it was a video of Teplf or Tigray libearation front fabricated film they can have ethiopian army uniform because the majority used to be member ethiopian army .this group from the last 27 years experience
    They can be a good holiwood actors .thiey are a mafia group
    20 years ago they collect money from Bob geldof by name donation and mislead western media .use all money to different thing instead of helping the drought victim .in general.this group the last 27 years they make so money film or video.to convince the western media .they were successful on that
    One time they make Islamic Arcat to make victim ethiopian Muslim
    The other day make a video about Ertrea army by wearing Ertrea military uniform
    And start torcher or kill who ever oppose their ideology
    Bbc before broad casting this video they make sure investage the source of the video
    Other ways It looks BBC are Lough on INNOCENT VICTIMS ETHIOPIAN


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