Demonstrations continue on Thursday across the country over George Floyd's death | USA TODAY


This afternoon, a memorial service for George Floyd at North Central University took place with attendees and speakers including Rev. Al Sharpton, Tiffany …



  1. Human beings have been property forever. We still are the property of our government. All colors of ppl have been slaves. The stuff he is saying applies to ALL people of the lower class. WAKE UP PPL ITS NOT RACISM ITS DIVISION

  2. This is truth! We must do everything possible to get what is due to us as American Citizens to make our nation far more equal and just. The end of tyranny and brutal behavior by police is only a starting point. We must fight for the children of 2moro. We must not fail them!

  3. 450 cities across America
    are protesting racism. Lots of all-white peaceful protests protesting
    'racism'. Really its about kicking Trump out because the Republican
    party seems to have lost its moral compass and backbone.

    4th July Coup basics

    You maybe noticed a few things recently:

    * Bunker-Boy is turning the Whitehouse into a fortress.

    * Tanks are planned for the 4th July,

    * Trump claims he can move the military into the States by declaring protestors as 'insurgents/terrorists'.

    * General Mattis warning against Trump, suggesting America unite without Trump.

    * Military leaders reminding their troops they swore loyalty to
    the Constitution. The Constitution is not the divider-in-chief! Soldiers
    cannot legally fire on US citizens just because Trump wants them to.
    Even if Barr says its OK, even if Fox New is screaming "kill kill kill".

    I know it sounds alarmist, but you need to prepare NOW, for
    what's about to hit you. There is no bottom with this guy. There is
    nothing he won't do, and nothing that his enablers won't enable. It
    should be clear from John Dowds letter and Bill Barrs action they are
    still planning to go for it.

    Coup Basics.

    The Whitehouse isn't the power. It's just a building. He will try
    to use its symbolism for his coup. He's fortifying the Whitehouse. Call
    him 'little bunker-boy hiding in his Wendy House'.

    Trump will pretend to have the military behind him. Enablers on
    Fox News will pretend he has the military supporting his coup. Call in
    Generals to testify their support of the Constitution. Prepare them now,
    get them in now swearing their loyalty to the Democracy that is the
    United States. Get them lined up to testify their loyalty to the
    Constitutional Democracy. America, America America. Canvas their views

    Get more ex-Republicans like Bush on board. This guy isn't the
    Republican party, and the current party members are afraid to speak out
    in case he attacks them and they lose power. Find ex party members who
    will speak out.

    You see how Barr has his private paramilitary security team
    ready? Get yours own security ready. You don't want a gun to your head.

    Don't let him capture the Supreme Court or its judges. A vote under duress is not a vote.

    Don't let him capture the House & Senate. If Trump captures
    the building, hold the votes somewhere else and declare it the legal
    vote anyway regardless of location.

    Fox News will be there trying for the full coup, trying to
    legitimize the coup. Trying to portray government as uniting around
    bunker-boy. Bunker boy will be trying to block all other channels.

    Twitter HQ, Google HQ, and Facebook HQ prepare your security.
    Anticipate the worst case. The worst case will involve guns to the heads
    of your CEOs! Prepare.

    There is no bottom with this guy. There is no bottom to his enablers.

    Decide NOW that you want the United States to be a democracy.
    Agree NOW that this is the best for everyone. Get Republican Fox News
    viewers to imagine their ideal candidates, suggest competent strong
    Republican leader figures they might like. Then remind them that a
    dicatorship will be Donald, Jared, then Baron. Not their guy. Not their
    vote. Not their choice.

    Ask entitled rich Republicans to imagine their life under a
    dictator. What if they say something that offends the dictators, can
    they breathe? Will he let them breathe? Do they think their money is
    worth anything if they can't breathe?

    In the 'Night of the Long Knives', hitler killed his enemies AND
    his rivals. People on his own side who could potentially take power from
    him. You might want to remind Barr, Pascale, Kavanaugh, Hannity,
    Pompeo, Murdoch, etc. of that fact. None of them think, they'll end up
    like Khashoggi, tortured and dismembered, but all of them are candidates
    for the scalpel. By the time they do, it would be too late. So paint
    their future for them now so they can see they don't want this.

    End it now.

    He has to go.

  4. George floyd was a scumbag criminal. That doesnt mean he deserved to die. His death is just being used as an excuse to loot and riot. Has anyone been protesting for David Dorn? I bet most people have never heard of him. He was a black off duty officer that was murdered by these rioting animals. He should be the one people are protesting for. Not scumbag george floyd. He didn't deserve to die and justice will happen to the cops involved, but he will not be missed.

  5. The Hollywood filth glorified crime and violence, and we saw the consequences. Some areas and streets have been ruled by gangs for years, and the police can do nothing there. This country is one of the most criminalized in the world, and only in this country the death of a petty criminal can assume a sacral meaning for many people and can lead to demonstrations and riots. They needed a sacral victim in order to establish the mob rule, and they almost got it.

  6. And then they ask why the Pakistan army was used in Northern Waziristan against its own people, which was for much complex reasons.
    They bothered considering Pakistan as a terrorist state because of some shit that happened between some people under some circumstances, for example the 9/11 about which people have doubts still. Now they are facing a whole bunch of their own people whom they can't consider as terrorists along with their own army, because that's how terrorism works, no one is completely innocent or completely guilty in such war like situations.
    You can make many hypothesises on so called "terrorism" happening in other territories but you do realize how it happens when it happens to your own territory either by internal or external threats, when you know that shit has to be controlled and done before more and bigger shit happens.
    When it's about war, it's most likely not about settlement on your standards, which does not necessarily mean that you are or could be a terrorist. The so called trained terrorists were not necessarily terrorists for the sake of Islam, they were trained by an intelligence agency, they had a role to play including the most important one as the safety of Pakistan, but it did go the other way around. All of this is what happens when the shit hits the fan on many levels, and things have to get ruthless which you don't necessarily have to consider as terrorism. Humans are complex creatures, terrorism should be out of the equation for such situations, hope that the world learns a lesson through this. It's not about justifying evil, it's about justifying that evil exists within ourselves and that we better understand how to deal with it.
    My deepest condolences to the family of George Floyd and I hope that he gets served justice and all the police officers get justifiably punished for that and also that the state retains it's trust among it's people.

  7. Donald Trump cut Ties with W.H.O,
    Police MURDERED unarmed black man. Americans protesting, and thier taking Covid19 very lightly.. May god forgive all Americans. And have mercy on them

  8. The gentleman at the start is speaking the truth. Has there been anything turned in your justice, legal, social system that you have achieved that has actually brought the full freedom and potential of your human right?

  9. I thought only illiterate protesters can loot and create heavy violence.after watching USA protesters…I have changed my I realise that more advanced,high educated and very smart people can also do these things.yeah..this is the true picture of so called great democracy.

  10. So you guys are rioting…but why the f*ck do u guys looting from store that support many family.

    If you want to riot its a normal thing but if you begin to destroy,buring, looting from store that is a decleration of war between the goverment and citizen


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