Coronavirus USA: What is Donald Trump's strategy? | DW News


In the US, numbers of coronavirus infections, and COVID-19 deaths, are spiraling, while public health officials struggle to equip hospitals with what they need.



  1. I suspect there are less deaths in America just from having less cars on the road. 90 people in America die every day in a car accident. Less total deaths in America is highly probable during Coronavirus over all.

  2. This is the reality, Trump wants us dead. He doesn't want testing, he doesn't want a vaccine. His plan is for the federal government to wash its hands of it drop it all on the states and let the Trump- virus sweep through the population. Trump is a genocidal maniac, a murderer. TRUMP = DEATH

  3. his strategy is no strategy..just lie it away..if he believes it it becomes his head..and maybe some other people too. Also known as bullshitting. or you gottabefokinkiddingme hashtag

  4. Last 3 weeks in Bayern part of my son‘s task is to write stories and essays. Good story but main focuses are not to repeat same word again and again in one sentence or even for a whole story. Like someone here kept say Death , a lot of death , more death. He really lacks of words

  5. Human has no control on mothers nature will …it is just a small virus which dismantled the whole world if ..nature is creating an earthquake the entire land believe me ur all success wd b like shhhhh

  6. There is grate power behind this world one can never challenge that because that power is the power of GOD dont proud on your power just say GOD is one ,GOD is powerful this problem (COVID 19) ha created by GOD & only GOD can solve this problem pleas apologize to GOD

  7. Trump believe in double standard policy
    They say something , they work something
    America's share market , manufacturing products , factories , mill , mall even economy total collapse
    America is in recession !!!!

  8. He needs to be hit of the virus in order to make a good strategy..lots of people and countries are expecting that the US can handle this pandemic easier cuz of money and most advance tech in terms of health..i hope were not wrong..

  9. You people hate us. We are actually doing very well. NYC it's getting under control. Pres Trump has it under control. Our economy is going to skyrocket when this is over. And the economy is important to all Americans. You're all very jealous people. We are going to skyrocket. The states have there own power. Our country is set up that way.


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