Coronavirus conspiracies are infecting the internet


As COVID-19, better known as the novel coronavirus, spreads across the globe, misinformation about the virus is also spreading. Since the outbreak of the virus …



  1. The Chinese government is so evil.
    They force everyone having a fever to take the coronavirus test by paying them 1000 Chinese dollars each, whether the test result is positive or not. And anyone who carries the coronavirus will be forced to have medic treatments that are fully free until cured.
    You do NOT have any right to choose whether you want the test or the medical treatment!

  2. How did the people in the 1950's do it, with polio and a fucking world war going on at the same time. kids paralyzed and dying from the disease and adults dying by the millions at war. We went from that horrific sight (literally the world coming to an end) to thriving and taking trips to space. I mean Isn't it safe to say we have gone a little soft?

  3. Here's one for you. I ain't buying your bollocks. There is many motives for both the US and Chinese Empires to release this virus. Our government and the corporations who run it are a danger to humanity.

    Motives for releasing the virus

    Profits for the healthcare industry $
    Temporary boost to the economy $
    Killing millions of poor people who wont have access to the antidote $
    Possibly starting world war three, meaning more weapons profits $

    Seems as if this virus will help the 1% ALOT

    I'm not crazy because I'm suspicious of our corrupt Empires and the oligarchs who run it, when you media corporations stop investigating the powerful and their agendas you leave no over option for the public but to do our own research ask tough questions.

    Nancy pelosi the so called left wing Democrat has said that they will make the antidote 'affordable' not free, 'affordable'! The polio vaccine was distributed for free. We are regressing as a country thanks to evil corrupt people in both parties who put profit above basic human decency. They are capable of anything! People need to wake up!!

    Our intelligence agencies have released bioweapons before for their corporate agendas and I'll be damned if I dont think they are capable of doing it again. The truth will come out eventually and people will be pissed. If this virus is as bad as they say it is, that will be alot of blood on the hands of the people in power, including those in the media.

  4. What CNN fails to understand is the average age of those on the social media the most which are millenials and Gen Z kids.
    So they are easily duped into believing ANYTHING they see on social media.
    Facts mean NOTHING on youtube or ANY social media and channels simply create their OWN facts.
    Ding dong soccer mommy gives her juveniles a iphone 11 then turns them loose on the internet to be brainwashed and raised by wolves.
    And since millenials have never been told by their mommies they were wrong about anything they go full snowflake any time someone with the FACTS corrects them.

  5. The left excels at misinformation and lying, after all they created and practice the madness and lie of political correctness, which is all about avoiding the truth.

    Everyone in America has the constitutional right to express their opinions. The left, as usual, wants to censor those they disagree with. That is fundamentally anti-American and evil!

  6. they blur out the faces of these assholes that push this crap. the one pushing colloidalsilver solution @03:00 is Jim Bakker, yep. that Jim Bakker. Televangelist who went to jail for stealing people's money… oh, but now he wants to help you. yeah right.

    CNN, GROW A FUCKING BACKBONE AND EXPOSE THESE PEOPLE. I mean, you're fucking up the election, so… why not do something good for once?


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