Coronavirus: Antwerp urges visitors to stay away


The province in Antwerp has introduced a night-time curfew as well as tight restrictions on social bubbles after a spike in coronavirus cases. However …



  1. In Ireland, RTÉ News (Our Sky News) and the HSE (Our NHS) both disabled comments on their YouTube channels. Too many people seeing through the lies and propaganda. Probably won't be long before comments will be disabled here too..

  2. Interesting that no one was asked whether the hospitalization and death rates are the same as with the initial "wave." I would think that would tell us a great deal more than merely the infection rate.

  3. I'm not wearing a mask in the street all day long – sure I'll comply in shops etc-

    No way and no to untested vaccinations issued by snake oil (less than 200 year old) with an appalling pre pandemic track record of CURE all causes illness modern medical system, btw look into the creation of the medical model used worldwide

  4. The problem is everywhere was so anxious to get everything open again they are sending us all back to March ! I know of the balancing act but Scotland seem to be near Covid free from taking a tough stand (like New Zealand) to ensure its gone.


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