'Concerns' for Joe Biden's 'mental capacity' raised amid gaffes at G7


Sky News host Chris Smith says there was some concerns about US President Joe Biden’s “mental capacity” after a video posted on Friday captured him …



  1. Rupert Murdoch and his acolytes like this POS are carbuncles on the behind of humanity. Murdoch and Sky and Fox have embraced disinformation, set their sites on viewers who are intolerant, ignorant and racist. Go look at Trump, who a week ago Saturday thoroughly EMBARRASSED himself with a slurring, "low energy" feeble wheeze at the GOP Convention in North Carolina.

  2. This is the man that fifty plus percent of the voting population voted for?…The question is: What is that percentage state of mind?! And I bet they're getting exited and ready to re-elect him in 2024! Jill: You take good care of him; fifty plus percent of the voting population is counting on you!

  3. There's an amendment I think in the constitution that could stop this I think..Why ever no concerns from the republicans on this matter..Maybe they're just as corrupt..Of course they are

  4. And we a government of the people by the people and for the people are absolutely helpless to stop this horrible embarrassing charade. So if we had a president that started eating his own crap while talking to Putin would the left just ignore it? Nothing is to low for these shameless reptiles!

  5. And we're to believe he actually won the election…" Come on Man". Here comes Kamala…hee hee haa haa about serious shit. This administration is a disgrace and insulting to true Americans!

  6. hes in kindergarten class when hes gunna get in trouble wow and they call him a president they try to destroy trump like hes a enemy but its all bevause the crooked cant count as the fake take over and votes dont matter wen your ppaying the enemy while you dont realize your like walter but walters like putin you cant be like neither of these 3 its to bad the one dummy is even smarter than the obiden admin that thinks there snesky safe of guilty and abused there power all to gamble there cover ups away the truth will be the idiots failed again while they laughrd at ppl behind there backs

  7. Why is this reporter a having like this is funny? The guy is obviously struggling and ill. That is not funny and he shouldn’t me mocked but helped.

  8. Sure there are lots of people including yourself that don't know anything about Covid or the actual Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that causes the pulmonary complication known as Covid-19, most people who got the coronavirus did not get Covid, like those natives on that small island that killed the guy trying to bring Christianity to their small island, he brought the word, they gave him the arrows and still to this day they don't know a thing about Covid

  9. Actually, theres no concerns for joes mental capacity, its exactley what his demtards handlers want, say this joe, sit here joe, don't fall up the stairs joe, drink from this sippy cup now joe.

  10. I got made fun of on YouTube for saying Biden was not prepared to be the president….. who looks stupid now… anyone who voted Biden in was brain washed by the media.. y’all some real life zombies

  11. I just seriously worry that noone's saying anything about it because they know the democrats would immediately agree just to put Kamala as president, and with how long we've gone into his presidency without any actual look into his mental health, it makes me worry just how bad Kamala is. Didn't really like her reply about not going to the border either..


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