CNN’s Shocking Discovery about NRA’s Money


In this News Minute from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, Jennifer Zahrn reports that CNN Money recently uncovered the earth-shattering fact that much …



  1. Why are the communist democrats worried about the NRA's money which comes solely from it's members and couldn't care less about the $500 million taxpayer dollars that Planned Parenthood takes in every year?

  2. Cuntservatives hate children. Show me how many good samaritans have stopped a school shooting. None. Gun makers love mass shootings. They may even plan them. After every mass shooting gun makers lobby congress and drum up this fake liberal scare that their guns are going to be taken or manufacturing will stop. Thus every dipshit hick goes out and BUYS more guns. Thus a huge profit spike after school shootings. Republicants hate the USA! Their actions are proof of them hating America.

  3. you spent none of your billions to get back our rights.existing laws protect you from people like me that mean you know harm.its coward to have your guns while allowing the ones you are afraid of to lose there rights.that is the definition of a coward.wake up.I'm not your enemy but you are mine it appears

  4. Do believe anything on CNN because its a shit Corporation with no Credibility along with BBC .

    Political Propaganda news Corporations that will be taken down as terrorist Corporations . Rothschild Banking shit people

  5. Stop helping the socialist agenda, in so many countries happen the same thing, after they stables gun control and the people is disarm, the government start the killings on the nation who let socialism gobern over them.

  6. cnn should investigate its own money. that station obviously produces fake propaganda….. anyone that believes half the shit any of these cia mockingbird agencies should just go back to watching cartoons, youll probably get more news than watching any of these stations.

  7. Shocking discovery CNN is a leftist demonrat owned rag news media! Flash owned by the one world order (I want the public to be dumbed down by our stupid news!).  they should that is cnn, check out George soros where is money goes!

  8. I find it amazing how certain individuals like Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barrack Hussein Obama, and others speak about the ultra powerful "gun lobby" and gun manufacturers. Gun companies are peanuts in comparison to anti gun companies (e.g. google, yahoo, starbucks) and groups, MDA, Everytown. Bloomberg has more money than every gun mfg. in the country. As far as the NRA, it draws its strength and funding from the patriotic men and women on its rolls. This is all in black and white for anyone who cares enough to see.

  9. This is why America is doomed, common sense doesn't seem to apply in America.
    Greed, stupidity and vilence is what America represents nowdays.
    The NRA is an evil orginisation with blood on it's hands.

  10. The NRA has so much influence and power that they feel it is necessary to start a youtube propaganda channel with an attractive woman distraction speaker? You know this is really making you look like fox "news" except that you have no bias about who gets shot. At least fox only wants "brown people" to die

  11. Thank you NRA for,1. Forcing me out of your organization because of your focus on politics and not gun safety training, shooting sports and environment conservation.2. Giving money to politicians. That fight to let people on the terrorist watch list buy weapons, because it keeps me sharp at work worrying about who may become disgruntled and open fire on their co-workers or someone from the outside who comes in the name of some deity. 3. Radicalizing my fellow sportsmen. We used to talk about getting the biggest buck or which caliber is best for deer now they talk about the democrats taking their AR-15, that they use to spray bullets at beer cans and old cars not standing more than 10-ft away from because it looks like that one scene from that one movie with that guy.4. Radicalizing the gun industry. It used to be that I could find many a rifle that had a gloss stock, checkering, glossy blued barrel and engraving, a truly beautiful piece of art. Now I get to choose a myriad of assault style, or excuse me "tactical firearms" made specifically to shoot Zombies.

  12. Didn't the radicalized Muslims, who are on the Terrorist Watch List, buy the guns used in the mass murder LEGALLY?!?!!

    So from my understanding the NRA supports terrorism. Unless of course they don't want terrorists to be able to legally buy guns.

    All Republicans and a few Democrats don't want to infringe on the terrorists constitutional right to buy firearms.

  13. whoa! I just hit the dumb dumb jackpot! I wounder if the lies and omissions of truth could be quantified in this video. Not that anyone of these people care about facts or scientific methods… I have an idea this is a Jesus loving crowd… I'm gonna enjoy a subscription to this channel.

  14. How many people have to die before military weapons are no longer allowed for the general public, much less people with criminal records? If someone is robbing your house, do you really think your gun will protect you? You have to go and get it first, then take off the lock and make sure it's loaded and the safety is off. Do you think you'll have time to do all that if someone comes in with a gun already pointed at you? The blood of all these mass murders is on the NRA's hands. You're disgusting. You all make money off of murder and massacre. You make me sick.

  15. I hate all da crazy gun laws in California I work armed security at marijuana Despensories and grow farms in California all of my fellow employees and my bosses are all NRA members including my self I work with two pistols and a shotgun the code enforcement inspector harasse us all the time not really da police just city and county code enforcement officers I'm glad the NRA backs us up and when so of our staff was involved in shootings they set lawyers and had our backs


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