‘Church has fallen over a cliff’ BBC News


Abuse survivor Marie Collins says she wants to hear a clear plan of action on dealing with clerical sex abuse from Pope Francis during his two-day visit to the …



  1. I am a hindu…(malaysian)…my russian orthodox wife started to leave christianity slowly and follow hinduism/yoga/meditation/vegetarian life style since our marriage 5 years ago (eventhough i myself a carnivore and not indulged into my religion so much)….

    She left christianity bcs there is a lack of connection with GOD via christianity…where else she finds peace and harmony in hinduism which represents spirituality & science of life

    Just click SADGURU in youtube and u will c how many white ppl are following his Hinduism teachings…amazing…world is changing rapidly!

  2. RCC is doomed by Judgement
    " Rev. 18 :4- "And he cried out with a strong voice, saying: “She has fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen,a and she has become a dwelling place of demons and a place where every unclean spirit* and every unclean and hated bird lurks!b 3 For because of the wine of the passion* of her sexual immorality,* all the nations have fallen victim,c and the kings of the earth committed sexual immorality with her,d and the merchants* of the earth became rich owing to the power of her shameless luxury.”
    4 And I heard another voice out of heaven say: “Get out of her, my people,e if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues.f 5 For her sins have massed together clear up to heaven,g and God has called her acts of injustice* to mind.

  3. church is fine… you guys live in weird little echo chambers…
    Actually I saw a latin mass last week and it was standing room only.

    vocations are doing well…
    The only real problem is gay priests molesting young men.

  4. Why do we still cling to this superstitious nonsense in the 21st century? The wealth that has been hoarded by religious institutes could probably end world poverty. Yet they are given Tax Exempt Status. This has to stop or we will be back in the dark ages.

  5. That's why the media keeps calling Islam as extreme.Because when there's alot of secularism,there will be less order!But Islam has a lot of secular beliefs even for women,but those who like to go out half naked half clothed,they will say that we Muslims are extremists.
    Look at Europe before and after the So-called western freedom,even European Christian women used to cover themselves.
    What is next?People stealing will be considered Freedom next?
    Freedom ain't about Man cheating on his Fiance/Wife,nor letting Homosexuality legal,nor having relationships so easily with anyone(Girlfriend/Boyfriend),and nor having women selling themselves to the whole world by stripping naked.
    As a Muslim I can tell you that you Christians being too secular made you a puppet for the Zionists.
    And for every female around the world,showing parts of your body that men get alerted to means that you are in danger.Be loyal to yourself and your body.
    Well I'm actually a child/teen boy so I don't really know about a girl's feelings so I can't tell a lot.

  6. the hospital is for the sick, the healing is for the sick, the way is for the lost. arent they marked out perfectly ? all of them ? a big part at least. doesnt make the hospital a bad thing. they got the celibacy thing wrong, it is only for the a third of those people who want to reach out to the help from "above". make a change in them, fuse their fire with their spirit and soul, conquer the dragon, leppard, snake,tiger… many allegorical pitcures there,around the world. another third should actually engage more in normal but vivid sexuality !! the last third doesnt need a rule in that aspect. all will fall into place at its time. So Yes,celibacy !! FOR SOME !! And only for a certain time…like the silence thing. they are lacking of real teachers. A four-fold way got chopped down to "ora et labora". no bueno amigo

  7. The church ⛪ is finished
    The vicars are gay or lesbian
    They’ve allowed gay marriage in church ⛪
    Britain is week everyone relying on the tax man to get through the week
    Shame on you british
    Your ancestors would role in their graves

  8. I have mentall illness and the church here discriminates us extremely,no place for me in their organisation,cause that's what it is, all this while there is a muslim preacher in this church, I hate this crazy church, you won't believe the insanity here, fraud everything

  9. What about political abuse by the church? From my travel to Asia countries such as Singapore etc, I noticed worshippers were required to pray and vote for the ruling party. Sermons were about the wonderful deeds which the government had done for its people. It is totally disgusting that religion is used as a tool to spread propaganda.

  10. The most sincere way of connecting to god is not by talking to pope or going to mass, but to pray silently and be thankful that we are still surviving in this polarizing world. I prefer personally to talk god or mama marys image than to pray to human like pope and priest. I believe in god but i dont in any human form or connection to god because i can do it direct without middleman. Predator is in all shapes, form and size so priest or pope is not exception. So mam go and complaint about the person who abuse u, if he still alive, and if not i wish i can knock to ur heart to open it and forgive since he is no longer here. U can meet him after but while ur still alive, and we are all have limitted stay here on earth let us all spent our time with our family and friends and appriciate life.

  11. “Fallen! fallen is Babylon the Great; she has become a home for demons, a haunt for every unclean spirit.” Don’t remain in her just because you learned about God there; and don’t justify yourselves by saying “I will continue in my own faith, though my elders are corrupt”, because “Those who eat the sacrifices participate in the altar.” Surely then, those who profess the same faith and offer the same prayers are one body with those who sexually devour children. Is it not written, “Expel the wicked from among you”? But this church only transplants them to another part of the body. That’s why it also says, “Come out of her, My people!” Just get out and find Zion, the church that keeps God’s Festivals in the Bible! If you don’t know the way, “Ask, seek and knock.”


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