Christchurch shootings: Suspect Brenton Tarrant appears in court – BBC News


The main suspect in the mosque shootings that killed 49 people in New Zealand on Friday has appeared in court on a single murder charge. Australian Brenton …



  1. Great shame is felt by Australians. We have a lot of soul searching to be done in this country. Australia has suffered political irresponsibility staining our community. Now this must be halted and those guilty must be made to face consequences. Everyone knows who the culprits are.

  2. Question to muslims: Where was Allah when this happened? How Allah left you guys unprotected? Incidents like this are unacceptable and raise questions about Allah existence. Please be safe.

  3. hmm…have to wonder why he didn't kill himself and wanted to get caught? im guessing because he knew the justice system was crap and he'll probably get a light sentence as all white people are internally thanking him for doing what he did considering their past and how they have come to power. and even if he gets a harsh punishment he'll probably be pampered in jail with fruits and fine wines with compliments from the queen.

  4. stephs cock
    i watched the new zealand shooter go-pro video 3 times … NO BLOOD ???????!!!!! someone explain to me how you mow down dozens of people in a small space with high powered rifles AND NOT A DROP OF BLOOD IS LEAKED ANYWHERE ?????? !!! not on the walls! not on the carpet! NOT ON ANY CLOTHES… if anyone can show 1 drop of blood in video I’LL GIVE YOU $1,000 per drop… NO BLOOD WHATSOEVER

  5. HE'S A TERRORIST HE'S A TERRORIST HE'S A TERRORIST HE'S A TERRORIST HE'S A TERRORIST HE'S A TERRORIST HE'S A TERRORIST HE'S A TERRORIST HE'S A TERRORIST! His legacy will be remembered as a man who shot women and children. Bravo you have accomplished absolutely nothing! Instead you gave them a headstart to paradise!

  6. I am a Christian. But I love my Muslim Brother & sister with my all heart.Because Islam & Christianity is So much in common.Muslim Worship Our Jesus as prophet.We should live peacefully.


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